My Copd

I've had Copd since 1993 i walk a lot every day up to 10 miles but I also play the Harmonica four half hour sessions a day that really helps me a lot very good exercise for the lungs just joined the site today.

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  • Wow that’s amazing, i could never do that even when I was at my healthiest!!! Good luck to You it sounds like your doing great, what meds do you take?

  • Thank you i take ventolin seretide and spiriva up until last year i did full marathon walks now just going to do half ones have a good day.

  • Wow! How to you get in 10 miles?? Harmonica sounds brilliant for exercise! I am going back to trying to sing at the top if my lungs while driving lol

  • Well singing is a good lung exercise as well so go for it i have always been a walker except 10 years in the army i was an army seaman served on landing craft so not a lot of walking on that breathe easy.

  • It would take me all day to walk 10miles a day even before I became to ill ,Well done you x

  • Thank you shadow4me i hope you are having a good day take care x

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