coping with copd

I had COPD since 2006. It was very sever at that time and I was put on oxygen 24/7. I use a nebulizer and inhaler. I walk a little each day to keep the lung muscle strong. I am on 5 to 6 liters of Oxygen sitting and 7 to 8 moving around.. I can't handle heat or humidity well at all. And of course the winters in WY are so cold and I have to wear a mask in frigid temperatures and when the wind is blowing... I can't drive anymore and my travels are very limited.. I just take each day as a blessing and move forward. I do know without God in life I couldn't cope with it.

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  • Thank you . I have a couple of friends who sell the essential oils, I will check into them And yes I do the pursed lips breathing? I did pulmonary rehab for 18 weeks. I do the nebulizer 2 times a day with 2 meds in it. And have a long term dicus. My immune system is zero. If something is going around you can bet I'll get it. In March I had the croup and have been fighting infections ever since.

  • I use concentrator don't use oxy unless last resort,your body will get hooked on oxy

  • I can't be without it. COPD to far gone. Can't breathe without.

  • What is the difference in the two if I may ask?

  • The concentrator supplies about 85% oxygen, so you are still breathing some room air. (Room air is only 15-20% oxygen.) when you use O2 tanks, they are giving out 100% oxygen, so your body gets spoiled to that increased good stuff.

  • Your concentrator is oxygen just more convenient than tanks. I have a concentrator too..

  • If I didn't have God I couldn't get by. God bless you

  • Me, too, lanesf. Hope He's giving you a good day!

  • My breathing was bad. I really shouldn't be on the reservation it was only bed open. I was able to get used jeans today. I have no idea why I didn't get $ from Bank before I left. Friday phone bill due and Mon June 20th I will be 54 thanks for your email

  • If you aren't already you need to be under the care of pulmonary, they are the doctor's trained to treat this. Have you had a pulmonary function test done? For the heat and humidity I use fans but I know others have AC. I dislike it so much when cold weather comes and I have to turn on the heat. During the winter months my doctor has me on antibotics daily as I have almost constant flare ups. The antibotics help to make the flare ups less.

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