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Reversing COPD


Over three years ago in early 2017 my lung function had dropped to 52% and my blood oxygenation to around 90%. I was told emphysema is irreversible and only worsens and when my lung capacity drops to around 48% and my blood oxygenation drops below 88% I'll need permanent supplemental oxygen, and at the rate it had been progressing since initially diagnosed in 2015 that would most likely be in a year or two. I did a lot to try to reverse it and it seems to have worked a bit as my lung function has risen to 61%, my blood oxygenation to 97%, and my dysponea has disappeared. Has anyone else managed to autophage away the systemic inflammation, stimulate their lung adult stem cells to grow new alveoli, and reverse their emphysema? I wasn't going to accept it was irreversible and chucked the prescribed medication, which they admit doesn't really fix it, and replaced it with supplements to treat the root causes. The mix of supplements, breathing exercises, HIIT, and fasting I worked out seems to have started reversing my emphysema and cleared up both my chronic bronchitis and asthma and I was wondering if any other COPD sufferers have had any luck trying to biohack COPD away. I'll share what I have discovered with anyone interested, and am not selling any miracle supplements or any rubbish like that. I was hoping others have managed to also find COPD treatments that actually work.

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Sounds interesting. CRONIFOMAD. I have just been told I have severe obstruction COPD. A year ago and not on any meds at all for this at present and I can walk around ok . With no problems on the flat. Hills are a different story. I used to be a driver in my working life and used to sing along to my favourites and I know singing is supposed to be good for lung disease Be interested to hear your thoughts Brian

sweetsusie in reply to Bingo88

I have tried singing (I'm pretty good at it)..I sing along to the Eagles, U2, BeeGees....I think it helps!!!

Bingo88 in reply to sweetsusie

Yes Sweetsusie. It does. The lung foundation on this site They usually have local support groups where you can meet up and have a sing along as well. Not sure if they are meeting at present with the virus. Love all of those artists and Bon jovi. Meatloaf. Elvis to name a few. Keep singing and keep well. Brian

sweetsusie in reply to Bingo88

Thanks, Bingo88!

I would love to know what you are doing. I am always trying alternative ways of improving and eventually doing away with my lung issues. Reading your post is definitely encouraging! Thanks !!

My wife has been told she is not in good shape, so please share

Emily611 in reply to MickMcG

Cant she be put forward for a lung transplant?

I have lost both upper lung lobes to lung cancer. I also have emphysema. If I could slow that down a bit, that would be wonderful. So yes, please share.

I am very interested in hearing what you have discovered - thanks in advance

Yes...I would be interested in what you are doing!

I think we would all be interested in reading your information.

Yes please share

Hi my dlco went up not sure why or what it means

I'd be interested in knowing what it is you are doing to improve it!! Thank you

Yes, please share.

So crono, what's the deal. Waiting for your advice,,,,

Would love to hear what you’re doing.


I say Croni is BS.

MickMcG in reply to perdurabo

I’d say so too

Stop speaking bullshit to people who are suffering


I am not a clinician, but I do know that your HIIT (high intensity interval training), breathing exercises, and dietary adjustments are all quite helpful in improving your oxygenation and also reducing your SOB (shortness of breath). Your described increase of blood oxygen and your FEV1% rising to 61% can and does occur by the 3 steps you took as described above.

As far as rebuilding alveoli....doesn't happen. Reaearchers are still at the stage of working with mouse lung scaffolding.

COPD is simply not reversible at this time.

Trust science and empirical evidence.

Don't know much about it but I read somewhere that researchers have used vitamin D3 to repair and/or create new alveoli in mice. Of course it will take 500,000 years of "research" to have any human application.

Sorry for not adding to this post for a while but in addition to COPD I'm dealing with arthrosclerosis due to hyperhomocysteinemia plus chronic fatigue syndrome, and had heart surgery not that long ago.

Anyway, reversing emphysema. First I want to say I have no medical training and there may be mistakes in my research or things I've missed. In early 2017 I was told my lung function was at 52% and within a year or two it would probably drop to 48% and I'd need supplemental oxygen. My SpO2% was hovering around 90 to 92%. I also had severe dysponea, a side effect of emphysema. I was suicidal and didn't want to accept my condition was irreversible and worsening. The research I did led to strategies and supplements that helped me and may help others, but may make some cases worse so its a matter of trying what you believe may help in your own case rather than accepting my word as authoritative in any way.


I looked into Buteyko breathing in early 2017 when trying to find ways to combat dysponea. Wim Hoff, circular breathing and Buteyko all use breathing techniques to alter CO2 retention and blood pH. The body really is amazing in how in a healthy state it self regulates so many complex biochemical reactions and interactions. As your CO2 increases your blood pH decreases and the affinity between oxygen molecules and haemoglobin weakens, allowing more oxygen to be delivered from the blood to the organs. If your CO2 drops too low your blood pH rises and becomes alkaline, which strengthens the bond between oxygen and haemoglobin and can lock the oxygen up in the blood and starve the organs.

Initially I thought I needed to expel as much CO2 as possible and get as much oxygen in as possible as I felt I was suffocating, and ended up with respiratory alkalosis and hypophosphateria. I discovered that the urge to breath isn't linked to oxygen deprivation like I had assumed but is linked to how much CO2 is retained. Its a complex balancing act that the body normally handles automatically.

Anyway, through regulating both how fast and how deep I breath I managed to get rid of the dysponea. You would have to find what breathing rhythm is best for yourself. I managed to habitualise myself into breathing slightly faster than I used to, which maintains my SpO2% higher, with occasional deep breathing to keep my carbon dioxide at the right place. Deep breathjng on its own did boost my blood oxygenation but depleted too much carbon dioxide. I must have done something right as the dysponea has gone, indicating my excessive carbon dioxide retention has lessened, and my blood oxygenation now generally sits at 95 to 97% when three years ago it was at 90 to 92%.

No matter what breathing technique used I would recommend using an oximeter to keep track of both heart rate and blood oxygenation, and using it for biofeedback to try raising and lowering both heart rate and oxygenation through breathing and mind control. While carbon dioxide isn't as easy to measure when doing breathing exercises you can tell through physiological changes like faintness and tingling extremities

My next update will be in reducing systemic inflammation and stimulating new alveoli growth.

Jensmom in reply to CRONIFOMAD

Can you plz share what you've learned and what supplements you've used to start alveola regrowth? Thank you for sharing this information.

I would love to know how you reversed the progress of copd. I'm on oxygen 24/7 and 28% lung function. I'd welcome any advice. I take a few supplements and not much help.

I am very intrested, Please share what you no and how you did this with me please.

I'd be happy to hear of any supplements would reduce and or reverse my COPD /Emphysema

I really would like all the info you can give me, please. Also can you give more info on the breathing exercises that have worked for you.

The exact same thing happened to me except I was diagnosed with emphysema 15 years ago, and "end stage" for the past 7 years. Exercise and holistic supplements were the answer for me. I've been completely off supplemental 02 for over a year now. My 02 levels hit 100 two days ago after walking. I exercise on a treadmill daily (ok I try to do it daily ) and am very active with gardening, housework and running after 4 dogs. If I stop exercising, I loss the progress I've made.. it's that critical. My 02 can drop to 88 for a few seconds while beginning to exercise but I mostly end up at 98 after 30 minutes of walking. I also killed my breast cancer 6 months ago with with a one hour cryoablation procedure while awake, no pain, no cutting, burning or poisoning. Never give up research and finding solutions that work for you. Would be interesting to compare supplements for those of us that have "reversed" our COPD. (Bingo88 - hills do me in also ;)

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