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Hi I was diagnosed two weeks ago.I given up the ciggaretts few week before due to being wheezy. Never thourght I have this. I go to work night shifts in super market . I go to the gym 3 times a week. Get plenty of exersice and try to look on the positive side. Not easy but lets face it it could of been lung cancer . So I think my self as lucky. Very stupid for smoking all these years. I'm 53 I want to live a lot longer .

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It's not easy but I was diagnosed 4 yrs. ago quit smoking and take all my meds faithfully I am 68and I don't feel that it has progressed much at all! I used to wheeze like crazy but the meds seem to have taken care of that. Good luck I'm sure you will live to a ripe old age


I quit smoking about 17 years ago after a bout with pneumonia. The doctor had told me that for a 35 + year smoker my lungs were surprisingly clear. That was my "aha" moment, I thought, okay now is the time to quit, while my lungs are still clear.

I was diagnosed 4 years ago (after 13 years as a non smoker) at the ripe old age of 56 with mild emphysema and lung cancer. I had no clue about either, I had no real symptoms. I was stage 2 and lost the upper left lobe but I have been cancer free since. Like you, I also consider myself very lucky. My cancer was found accidentally and removed before it had a chance to spread outside the lung.

You seem to have the right attitude, you exercise and try to stay positive.

Just keep doing what you've been doing, take care of yourself, stay away from cigarettes, and try to eat healthy.

Let us know how you are doing.


you are awesome.glad to hear you quit an are exersicing.keep it up

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Just waned to share some thoughts based on some of my experiences that were helpful in dealing with this new wrinkle in my life journey. Get ready for an adventure, a friend of mine said to me that "life is an adventure if you don't get scared". I was diagnosed January 2014 after major surgery. About the smoking, hindsight tells us that we all who smoked were stupid, so don't dwell on that, it's done. In moving forward blindly, I have discovered these things that were helpful to me:

Become knowledgeable about the disease, I am connected with "inspire", the American Lung Association website. Some truly incredible resources can be found here. Google COPD for others.

Get a referral from your primary care Dr. to a Pulmonologist and ask a lot of questions about symptoms, medications (especially, what purpose they serve) and anything you are curious or anxious about.

Take it one day at a time, I'm feeling things in my body that I have never felt before and that can be scary. Breath easy and take care. Peace.


7 months still no smoking. Although I’m still stage 2 . My wheezing has stopped . I don’t cough or bring anything up. Still get breathless sometimes . But better than I was when I smoked . I have gained a stone in a half in weight. Although I’m active . Obviously eating to much calories. Next stop cut out junk food.


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