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Protocol for Using Cordyceps


I have mild COPD. I don't know what caused it, but I am guessing that it was dust that got lodged in my lungs, OR perhaps it is a mild microbial infection of mycoplasma, a bacteria that forms biofilm on the lung surface. If it is a result of a biofilm, then likely cordyceps will cure it.

Firstly, I would appreciate any suggestions on a protocol or procedure for using the cordyceps to greatest advantage.

Secondly, or alternatively, I would very much appreciate other suggestions for treating a mild case of COPD.

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Hi Barry, I also have COPD and a mycobacteria. They don’t know exactly which one but I am going to be on antibiotics for at least a year. Hopefully it’s not tuberculosis. Good luck, God bless and keep the faith.



Hi David

Shouldn't your doctor "take a sample and do a test" to find out the cause of the COPD?


Hi Barry, Corydyceps is one of many medicinal mushrooms, that are beneficial to the immune system, antiinflamatory and have a host of other benefits too numerous to post here. I find it very helpful in my copd, but it is important to get it from a reputable source. The best I have found is from R Garden, as a matter of fact if you order this month it is half price. I would also rrecommend you look into some of the other fungi, such as Chaga and Reishi. Also look into an amino acid called NAC and magnesium. I have a fairly serious case, by using a combination of these natural supplements have avoided illness and am completely med free. There are no side effects. I usually take 600-1200mgvper day


Concerning Cordyceps, what is the best way to take it? For example... Eat it, take as a tea, take as a spray... How much per day? For example, how many grams per day? Thanks!!


Hi Barry, The Cordyceps I use is in capsule form, with an enzyme to help digest ans assimilte it. I take 500mg twice daily. To enhance your immune system, I would also add a fungi blend such as Immpower Ahcc or immune Assist 24/7. Can be found online. I also found NAC or n-acytyl-cysteine, which helps your body produce glutathione, is very helpful in clearing lungs. And a good magnesium supplement. Try to eat as healthfully as possible, lots of vitamin A, from food, not supplements can heal the lungs. All this info can be found online, under natural cures for COPD, or medicinal mushrooms for lungs. When I first set down this path, I tried everything, and there are many things that are anti inflamatory, ginger, tumeric, horseradish, onions , garlic.... And if you have a mild case adding some of these things to your life, may turn it around. Also drink lots of water. They best part as all of these things also prevent things such as cancer, aarthritis, diabetes...and unless taken in ridiculous amounts have no adverse side effects. You will probably end up being healthier overall. I encourage c you to research these things on your own. The doctors will tell you, this is progressive, your doomed, take this poison or that and you might feel better. With these natural products you will be treating the cause (weakened immune system) not the symtoms and allow your body to heal itself. Good health to you and God Bless!


Hi Newfie! Thanks very much for your comprehensive reply. My understanding is that the cordyceps has the ability to attack mycoplasma, or "film forming bacteria". Obviously, your success with the "Cordyceps + Enzyme" taken in pill form proves that protocol to be sound and effective. If indeed I had a "mycoplasma biofilm coating" on my lungs that was causing the mild COPD, I was wondering if I made up a "strong cordyceps tea", which I then inhaled with the use of a puffer, would be more effective? I am guessing that such "direct application" of the "cordyceps medicinal components" would be even more effective. What are your thoughts on applying Cordyceps Tea directly, with the aid of a puffer? Your general advice to take lots of "anti-inflammatory foods and spices" is excellent. I'll look into NAC and glutathione. I drink Chaga Tea, on a regular basis, and I was not aware that it could help with respiratory health. While I am fortunate that my COPD is only mild, it does make it a bit more difficult to confirm the benefits, or lack there-of, from such treatments. Thanks again for your very helpful comments!!


Hi Barry, I am not an expert, I was diagnosed with serious lung issues, long Story, and was too stubborn to die. I also was strongly against the use of the myriad of drugs, steriods and inhalers that were prescribed. I was literally unable to breathe at times, and developed pneumonia with every little cold. So I began searching fornatural remedies and these are the things that have worked for me. As far as cordyceps being applied directly with an inhaler, I dont know, perhaps the medicinal componants. I have read that NAC can be taken this way and can be a more effective way of gettingvthe glutathione into the lungs. I also read that ingesting lots of vitamin A rich foods can heal the damage from copd, at least in rats. If you are in early stages, you can probably reverse most of the damage you do have. I was told that only 20 percent of my lungs were viable, yet I have turned it around. I work , I hike, care for three kids, three dogs a husband and a house, most days I hardly consider it. So stay stubborn, don't go quietly into that good night and submit to the diagnoses, without first trying the healthful remedies available to us. Be well.


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