Nasal Sprays?

Hello - I am fairly new to COPD, but I suspect I've had it for a few years at least. I see a pumonologist and an allergy doctor. The allergist has me on Singulair and Flonase nasal spray. (He does not know I have COPD yet, but I will see him again in April - in time for my brutal Spring allergies.) The pulmonary doctor has me on a Flovent inhaler - She diagnosed me with COPD according to my recent pulmonary function test. Before my diagnosis of COPD - stage 1, my sinuses always triggered my bouts of chronic bronchitis. Now that I have the diagnosis of chronic bronchitis, inflamed sinuses and COPD, I wondered if anyone uses an effective nasal spray that may help me to avoid the triggers that will ultimately spark my chronic bronchitis again this spring. I would discuss this with my pulmonary doctor who I see the end of February. In the meantime, I am continuing with the Flonase nasal spray and Singulair - plus my Flovent inhaler. TY

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  • I use Flonase twice a day -- one spray per nostril each time as two sprays dries me out too much -- I also use a saline spray in the shower which helps me to clear out daily -- doesn't prevent but does delay

  • Jonnyboy here try otriviine nasal spray get mine on Amazon works for me xx

  • Might want to try a neti pot to rinse out your nose every day to keep the allergens down, and it feels good also.

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