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Cordyceps Mushroom for COPD

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Doing a lot of research on alternative treatments for COPD. I actually only realized I had it recently and that it was caused by inhaling tons of secondhand smoke in my life (I posted about that). Anyway, one of the posts at the Earth Clinic page on COPD, said this stuff did it for her. I think I want to try this, and cannabis oil, among other things.

A pertinent excerpt:

Lung Strengthener

Cordyceps is considered a major lung tonic in Chinese herbalism.

Cordyceps relaxes and opens the airways. This explains why it has been used traditionally to treat respiratory diseases such as: pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, pulmonary emphysema, and tuberculosis.

Cordyceps is recognized in Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) as an anti-asthmatic, an expectorant and as a cough suppressant.

L. Ganxhon in his book “. The essentials of traditional Chinese herbal medicine” discusses Cordyceps extract ability to alleviate the symptoms of various respiratory illnesses including chronic bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, and phlegm. This is mainly due to the anti-inflammatory properties of Cordyceps and its tendency to relax the bronchial walls and promote enhanced oxygen utilisation efficacy. (Ganxhon, L et al. The essentials of traditional Chinese herbal medicine (5th edition). USA: Foreign Language Press, 2003)

“It is especially beneficial to those who suffer chronic lung disease, It’s used to combat Lung weakness with cough, wheezing and shortness of breath.”

Research reveals that Cordyceps increases lung capacity and overall oxygen utilization. What has been known in Asia for millennia has now been proven scientifically― Cordyceps improves overall respiratory function.

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Altamisal, let us know when you have tried using this supplement. It would be interesting to know it's benefits for you. Have you discussed taking this product with your lung doctor?

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Altamisal in reply to MrsGLBJ

I am my own doctor :) Not too hard these days with all the info available on the internet. I don't like conventional medicine. If I can find a good and affordable alternative doctor, I would be up for that.

Yes, if I do try this (it is just one of the items on my list of possible treatments), I will definitely share here.

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rubyred777 in reply to Altamisal

Wondering what stage you are, Altamisal . Do you use inhalers? Ruby🌹

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Altamisal in reply to rubyred777

I'm not even sure I have COPD, rubyred777, but I know my lungs took a beating from all those years of inhaling secondhand smoke. Symptoms come and go, and at their worst, they do sound like the descriptions of COPD. No, never used an inhaler. Trusting I never will!

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Newfie1 in reply to Altamisal

Hi, I'm new to all this. I was diagnosed with tb two years ago went through all that treatment. Then went back to life as usual, just slower. Two weeks ago I got a cold, landed in NJ hospital with pneumonia, copd diagnosed. Been taking

Cordyceps for years onnand off for health. Using it now to avoid the myriad meds. I take cordyceps, reishi, maitake shitake and AHCC Immpower, mt father75 swears by this.

Also make a tonic of ginger, onions, tumeric, honey, works like an inhaler. Breaks up congestion fast. So one week out

From hospital, my oxygen is 98, was in 80s on oxygen. I am working, raked my yard, cleaned my house. Non of the

Prescribed inhalers steriods they seemed pretty sure I would be on for life. Tried cbd oil, made me feel a bit weird. Also read about a study where foods rich in beta carotene, could promote regeneration of lung tissue... so I am throwing all

This nutrition, fungus coctail at it and it seems to be working. Lets not let the Dr's be right. Do try the ginger/tumeric stuff, can be found online, make at home

Clears breathing fast, make it strong!

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Montgum in reply to Newfie1

Where do you get the cordyceps, reishi, aAHCC immpower? What is the “recipe” for the Tonic? I would greatly appreciate if you would share🤗 thanks!

How do you use it? Thanxs

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Kay15143 in reply to Haggis1


Kay greenway in Georgia


Where do you purchase this from?

You can get it at Amazon. I just added this to my cart. The reviews sound promising.

I'd like to contact you about the oil. Questions

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Kay15143 in reply to Kay15143

Google Jeff Waters he is the Q & A man

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auraelya in reply to Kay15143

What??? Jeff Waters is a musician!

Yes Kay Greenway


Hi Altamisal, That sounds great! I was actually going to get some mushroom to build my immunity up some. Will definitely get it now. Ruby🌹

Hi Hidden Was wondering what stage copd you are. Also has your fev1 improved any? Been hearing a lot of good stuff about the cannibus. Ruby🌹

Hi, just waneed to tell you alternative medicines can be a great way to treat all sorts of illnesses/conditions without having all those harsh medications. I strongly reccomend trying this before turning to normal pharmaceuticals.. my father is a doctor who is into alternative medicine and homeopathic medicine, If youd ever want his information you could always give a call and see if he could help you maybe recomend some herbal products/ect to help treat youe condition. If youd rather something closer and in person you could always do a Google search to find out if there are any doctors like that around your area that could start you on a regimens that could help you significantly. You also mentioned cannabis oil, CBD has alot of great benefits to it, my boyfriend has alot of information on this he has been looking to use some for himself, he has chronic pain from a broken ankle that didn't heal properly. So if you'd want info on where to get it you can message me back and Ill gladly help point you in the right direction!

i would like to find out also if possible... fb marcimillwaterjunge

Note the topic of discussion is cordyceps mushrooms and that is what I'm referring to at Amazon.

I kindly suggest you start your own discussion thread on cannabis oil.

Well, why DON'T you start your own thread? Clearly a lot of people are interested. I'd just prefer it if threads I initiate can stay on topic.

Now because of you I'm turned off to cannabis oil...LOL

Alright. Peace.

Maybe you don't know how to begin a new thread. Scroll to the top of the page. On the right side in green, it says "Write a post." That starts a new thread.

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Deb1983 in reply to Altamisal

Thanks for the heads up on fairly new and didn't know that

Does your doctor give you the oil?

Are you still using the oil? I live in md. And I don't know where I could get that. I'm 54 and stage 4 needing lung transplant. Would try anything.

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ajua in reply to Deb1983

Hi, I'm also in stage 4. I wonder how do you know if you are candidate to lung transplant? If is ok whit you can I know what is your FEV? For what my doctor tolld me there are different stage of EPOC 4 and people react differently.Sorry that I ask so many questions as just want to know what are my choices?

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Deb1983 in reply to ajua

Ive been really sick I'm sorry it's took so long. My pulmonologist has told me I'm very severe and put me on the waiting list. That's maybe six months or more. She didn't give me my fev this time I got side tracked with transplant news

I have been taking cordyceps for years , on and off. Unfortunately at some point in my life, big question mark, I came in contact with TB.. As one who never got sick I put off the doctor for quite awhile, only to discover that I was the lucky recipiant of an all but forgotten disease. ? Well, went very through that treatment two years ago, then just returned to life as usual just slower. Then got a cold a month ago, within three d days I was in hospital with pneumonia, very low oxegen was really in a panic. Long story short, out for two weeks, taking cordyceps, reishi, miatake, shitake and a fungus blend from Japan called Immpower. I also make a cocoction of ginger onions tumeric and honey as a mucolic and anything else healthy potent and immune enhancing I can find. Raw garlic, horseradish.... I doing well, no more really breathless episodes, working again. Something is working . I was told two years ago, I only had 20 percent of my lungs left. If it was up to drs I would be on oxygen, steriods, inhalers, but I have yet to use them at home. Tried cbd oil, made me feel a bit weird, but I believe it has value, possible more in the whole herb oil though. So I smell funny but Im functioning, I Encourage others to try some alternatives before resigning yourself to medicated decline.

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Usern in reply to Newfie1

Thank you very much for the tips!!! I like raw garlic sandwiches with some butter or mayo on sprouted bread. Another newly discovered silver lining to this predicament! 😂

Is that the same as cbd oil or does it have the THC also.. mine says cannabidiol cbd oil, $30 for $100 mg.

Exactly how and why does it make you feel better....looking for anything to help

Where do you get these mushrooms? I listened to a Talk from Paul Stamets on the benefits, in general, by Paul Stamets it was intriguing.

Thanks for the tip! These steroid inhalers are fattening!!!😂

Hey y'all. I own a vitamin store and my dad also suffers for COPD. Y'all really should try Resprin. It's not going to cure it but a lot of our customer base says it helps support it and I put my own personal family on it.

For those saying cordyceps...that's a good one to

Don't have to buy it from me. Just read about it on the page and do your own research. Just tryin to help!

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xx11xx in reply to MattRush

I just now read this. Very interesting. Thank you

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