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After reading a few articles on how cordyceps may help with COPD, I thought I would give it a try. I'm an ex-smoker of over forty years and have COPD. According to the Chinese, they have been using cordyceps to cure a bunch of respiratory illnesses for years with amazing success. I'm just about to turn 75 and have a number of health issues so why not. I ordered mine from Puritan as I feel their the most reliable. Well, I certainly don't want to mislead anyone, but after a few pills it got rid of my persistent bronchitis and cough. I'm still a little hesitant to declare any kind of victory, but I'm thrilled if it did only that. I'm following the recommended dosage without any noticeable side effects and am going to increase it gradually to see if it will helpmy breathing.


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  • Let me know and good luck> How do you order it and is expense and what is it?

  • Go to puitan. com and look for cordyceps. Be certain to read the side effects and interations as you may not be able to tolerate them. I fortunately do not have any. Good luck it's always worth a try. No their not expensive. You can also buy coryceps from the Vitamin Shoppe.


  • Awesome, thanks for sharing. I actually posted about cordyceps here but have yet to try it. I do feel NAC is helping (I've posted about that as well).

    Anyway, very glad you are getting good results. Keep posted.

    My post on cordyceps:

  • Bob what is it and how do I get it?? At this point I will try most anything!

  • What is this? What did the pulmonologist say? Thanks

  • Good luck with this bob. Keep me posted please.

  • Inside ring it to so please keep us all posted

  • Wiuld love to hear your ongoing results.

  • OK Iam ordering it cordyceps that is .hope it works I will let you know !!!!

  • Le me know if it does, I am like you said what is there to lose I am 72.

  • Hi,

    Bob here again with some more favorable results using Cordyceps. I've noticed a significant increase in energy since I've been taking the Cordyceps. Before I was always extremely tired and didn't want to get out of bed, but now I find I'm not only able to, but more willing to do so. My Dr. diagnosed me with emphysema. These are my results so far and needless to sat I'm thrilled. I hope you guys will try these and pray you receive the same results. I'm 75 in one week and want to see my grandaughter graduate. Remember to start of small and gradually increase your dosage. Mine is 1500mg x 4 per day. Eat first, then take them. I haven't had any side effects.

  • I just checked with WebMD site and one thing they stated, without question, was that there are certain interactions this causes with other drugs, resulting from the probable boost in immune system. One definitive statement was "Prednisolone interacts with CORDYCEPS", and since Pred is used at times for treating flareups with COPD, this could be an issue...

  • Itry NOT TO TAKE PREDNISONE if possible. It's a steroid! When you take Prednisone or any other steroid you compromise your immune system. In other words, you destroy your flora the immune system that protects you from getting bad things. Then you have to take double the amount of Probiotics to build yoursystem back up or you will be catching something else. It's the same with antibiotics. There's no easy fix for the damage we did to our lungs, no miracle cure. The best thing we can do is try to stay healthy as we can. I know that nobody wants to hear that, but unfortunately thats the way it is. Blame the American indians for bringing tobacco into our lives if it makes you feel any better or take responsibility for your own actions.

  • I agree that pred has lots of downsides, but I have to disagree that it has no place in medical treatments... Several times in my life, pred has been the miracle worker. If I have a major flareup (even before COPD I had asthma) Pred for a few days will put it all right again.... I had severe skin issues when I was younger - impetigo - with 2 strains of really nasty staph, and ONLY pred and Keflex antibiotic (for six months) would clear me up. It had no other bad effects. Have you ever heard of polymyalgia rheumatica? My Mom had that - it's like arthritis of the muscles and you just wake up one morning in pain from head to toe, unable to even walk. It's diagnosed by blood test... The treatment is prednisone, starting with high doses and weaning down to low, but continuing a low dose for a year! There are issues where pred is the only solution...

  • I didn't mean to imply that Prednisone doesn't have its use, only that I try to avoid it as much as I can do to it's afterfact. You can die from steriods!

  • OK - that's why I said I know there are downsides. It's just been - literally - a lifesaver for me! I know, though, that it causes puffy faces, leeches calcium from bones, etc.

  • Ok, Bob here again to share my latest experience with Cordyceps. I've been taking Cordyceps for exactly one month and am noticing a side effect that I didn't experience when first taking it. As previously mentioned, it boosted my energy and just about eliminated my Bronchitis. Yesterday I felt like crap as my arthritis really flared up for the first time in a while and I believe it was the Cordyceps that stimulated my immune system. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder last year. The Cordyceps I believe is at fault and it's one of the side effects of this product. I have therefore decided to stop taking Cordyceps for a while to try and confirm that. Sometimes we are better off dealing with the pain, than with the side effects. If I find this to be true, I will be very disappointed as I haven't had this much energy in a while.

  • WebMD site also mentioned this can cause slower clotting time, so could affect bleeding in surgeries, etc. - I suggest reading warning info on usage?

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