Years of COPD

I've had copd for about 20 years. I take a pill for breathing and I use 2 inhalers and I have oxygen all time. I use the oxygen mostly at night and some other times. I'm 71 years old and I've been smoking for 52 years. I have tried to quit several times but couldn't. I quit 2 months ago and just smoked another one earlier today. I am trying so hard but it is so hard. I'm using the patches and they seem to help. I just had a rough week with family problems and let the stress get to me. I'm hoping to start a new day today.

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  • Good luck, I know this is not easy.

  • I am sorry you are having such a struggle. What is most difficult for you...after meals, with coffee, phone calls?

  • All three of that but more harder with my coffee I the morning. I tried not drinking coffee but that didn't work. I've Got to have my coffee. I'll keep on trying though.

  • Try changing where you would normally sit, and try reading with your coffee, or something else with your hands, like crocheting, the new adult coloring book, etc! I know it's hard, but the payoff is huge! 💙

  • I smoked 40 years. Been quit 14 months now. I asked the Dr "whats working? Ive tried.everything" He said on the worst they used patxhes and gum. So I did both for 3 weeks and drooped the patches. Gum about another 4-5 weeks. Been.stopped since. Thats what worked for me. And I was hard core 2 sometimes 3 packs a day. Cant tell you its fun, easy or exciting, but it is necessary and you can.breathe better but you gotta stop now amd.get moving now. If living longer is your goal...smokin gotta go!

  • Thanks for this. I haven't tried the gum because of my dentures but I will try the gum.

  • You don't chew it like gum. You just get the juice flowing and put it on your gums or under your tongue. Check with your doc first. Good luck

  • Ok, maybe that's why I didn't try that. I will now though. Thanks a lot!

  • Thanks a lot!

  • Try the lozenges. Work for me. I have been using them for 15 yrs. Better than smoking and cheaper. Get the Walmart brand equate

  • Thanks for tip. I will try that too. I have to run into town soon so I'll get that and the gum. Someone suggested those too. I hope so much to get away from the cigs. After 59 years I think it's about time. Thanks again. ;o)

  • My husband can't chew the gum either. He tried Chantix and it helped him some. But he just decided to stop and it has been 15 months now. He knows that no matter how bad he wants to smoke, he can't ever again.

  • Remember to let the patch do the work. The gum is just if you're really really hanging. They also make lozenges that you don't have to chew at all. You can do this! Go for it!

  • Thanks. I'll try the gum with the patches.

  • Talk to your doc. They told me it was a lst resort .talk to your doc.

  • You will get the job done if I can you can, stayed in bed 3 days so I would not smoke. After a year I still want one. I am 72 and have had oxygen about 1 1/2 years and with this thing on look 90. I get really depressed how about you?

  • I know exactly what you mean. I've always had a problem with anxiety and depression and it's really been bad for the past few months. I take meds for them but sometimes doesn't help. I just keep praying for God to help me through this because I Just Have to Quit smoking. Good luck with you and I'll keep you in my prayers.

  • It's really hard to quit smoking, but you can do it. We're all rooting for you.

  • What kind of pill

  • Hi Paula...I've been on singulair for years now. That's the first med they put me on when I was told,I had COPD. Been taking them for probably about 15 years.

  • Hi, this is jensmom. I know exactly what your going through trying to quit. I'm 54 and I have severe copd. Ice smoked since I was 13. And still do. I know it's killing me faster I guess I'm just weak. Your not alone. Im gonna try that new Tbx free. Heard a lot of good things. Of course I have to check with pulmonologist.

  • Hi, Sandy here. Welcome and hope you enjoy and get some help from our talks with everyone. I started when I was 12 and 71 still smoking. Well not really. I'm trying to quit but I fall off every week,or two and amok a couple then start stopping again. It's crazy I know. LOL But I hope you make it. Like me, we all need to put those things down. You're trying a new Tbx free? You mean one of those new cigs that's tobacco free? My niece and nephew started with them so they could quit smoking and they do those more than smoking. It costs more than buying a pack. And I talked to my Dr and she didn't suggest me using those. He said it might end up worse or as bad as cigarettes. So be careful with that. I'm using the patches and I'm going to start with the gum tomorrow. I hope it all helps you jensmom. Good luck and let me know how you're doing.

  • Hi justsandy, sorry I haven't been on here, been crazy. Anyway, the Tbx free is a like one of those breath freshners you stick under your tongue but this can just dissolve in your mouth. No side effects. Still waiting to talk to Dr. First. You can look it up just type Tbx free it will come up. I hope you have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  • Thank you for answering. The Tbx is a small thin dissolving strip and it goes on your tongue. But yes, always check with your doctor. The smoking habit is killing me. I'm down to a couple drags a day but I just love smoking that makes it harder! Guess we just keep trying. Good luck and let me know how your doing

  • I see on your post that you are using the TBX. What do you think of it ?

    My friend has COPD and she wants to try it.

    Thank you for your post !

  • If I can quit you can to, thank but I can not take any pills for my depression it makes me worse.

  • Wow...that's terrible. How do you deal with the depression? I take three different kinds. They're for anxiety and depression.

  • Quitting is so hard! I finally was able to with Chantix.

  • I tried that but it gave me some terrible nightmares and I already have a problem with depression and lt was making me just want to die. I don't know what to do now. I might try the patches one more round. Thanks for your suggestion. I appreciate it.

  • Try vapor smokes I tried everything and that worked 14 months no cigarettes

  • Lot of,people have said that but Dr said I shouldn't because they haven't checked these for long term damage. And I've tried everything else so I might just at least give them a chance. My niece and nephew use those but they smoke more with those than regular cig. Like I said tho, I may try them. Thanks

  • I found quiting really easy I quit every morning for 20 some years, its the afternoons that got me

  • Lol

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