I am new to the group. I have copd and my oxygen level when at the best is 90 , but it's very hard for me to breathe. The dr has me on oxygen 24-7. Can anyone tell me why this happens. I do have lots more problems, but would like to try to solve this first. Thank you for any help I can get.

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  • Hi Ellenpez80, low oxygen and shortness of breath can also come from heart problems as well as COPD. Have you had a work up of your heart to rule it out?

    I have COPD and Heart Failure and most days I have trouble breathing.

    What inhalers are you on? Usually we take at least 2 daily and have another one as our rescue inhaler, like albuterol. Some people use a nebulizer also.

    Reasons for your shortness of breath could be you are in a flare up, you are retaining fluids.

  • water retention makes it hard for me to breathe i take furosimide every other day i also watch salt intake

  • I used to take furmoseide (Lasix) every other day, but since they found I have Heart Failure I now have to weigh myself very morning and take Lasix twice a day, it has helped my breathing and keeping the swelling out of my feet and legs. You may want to ask your doctor if you should do this also.

  • no heart failure for me

  • Please tell me you are also taking potassium

  • Hi Bonzia, not sure if you were talking to me about potassium but yes doctor has me on prescription potassium, plus I try to get as much as I can from food.

  • Ditto! Salt/sodium is in everything! Read labels! When I was hospitalized - I lost over 50#s in water weight! Could not walk. Also get checked for sleep apnea - cpac looks funny but helps me tremendously....Respitory therapy is also helpful. You've taken 1st step, asking for help! God Bless!

  • Hi u sound like me even though I do most everything right I have my good and bad days , main thing carbon dioxide build up , purge lip breathing helps also talk to your dr about getting sleep apnea like equipment I use trilogy vent 200 and it's helped me at night when I got out of the hospital after three months because I was in a coma induced because of carbon dioxide for six week they had to vent me trachea was implanted in throat and now removed but I was awful , I went home with a vent type equipment now I have gone on with a mask a nasal mask at night I hook up o2 to it and it helps me breath at night and helps control the carbon they have others machines he can order but it will help u .

  • I have tried to used CPAC and Bipap and I can't use either one, so he has me on oxygen which has helped a lot. For some unknown reason I can't stand to have any around my head like the CPAP straps. I get a terrible head ache. Plus I have GERD and it just makes that worst. I am thinking about asking the doctor about a face mask, I think you have to have a prescription to purchase them.

  • I used a face mask when I had a cpac and a bipap. I am a mouth breather so I could not use the nose mask.

  • When my stage 4 copd was first identified I was very sick with o2 saturation at 90% when resting and as low as 80% when active. I had to be on oxygen initially to keep my saturation about 90% ever.

    My pulmonologist persribed inhalers incruse and breo once a day and nebulizer as needed.

    But, probably the treatments that helped me most were those related to a pulmonary rehabilitation program. For that taught me about my disease and how to recognize (1) when an exacerbation is developing (2) how to see when I am I'm becoming congested an app to get rid of the congestion and bullet 3 how to raise an oxygen level when required

  • YES now if only I can get off of crutches, so I can use machines again!

  • Can you turn the level of your oxygen higher on your concentrator? As time goes on our condition becomes more difficult to manage. I am on oxygen 3-4 liters 24/7 but do not get short of breath unless exerting myself. Talk to your pulmonologist. See what he can do to make you more comfortable.

  • I have the same thing 02 level 90s but still sob

  • Well u have damaged your lungs and they are damaged beyond repair and do not get better , they get worst now u better listen , quit smoking if u still do .this disease is nothing to mess with its progressive meaning it get worst u have to slow it down with life style changes 90 level isn't that good but u can live and when you-exert it gets worst I have the same problem watch out for signs that your getting sick , more mucus coughs , fever , feeling tired , things like this if so get to the dr. Nothing more but take your meds nebulizer swirl the best with steroids they open u airways up and u will see oxygen go up to 95 even higher but u can only do them twice a day so they also have a fast acting Albuterol sulfate that works I wish u the best u can read my post and see what happen to me u don't want to go there believe me ,

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