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To my friends at COPD.

Hi Sarah

I just got done writing a sort of resume' but it didn't seem to get sent. Anyway, here it is again.

I'm a 90 year old male who was diagnosed with COPD - Emphysema, Stage 3, last February. I know, it only took 90 years for my 35 year habit to catch up to me even though I had quit in 1977.

I am divorced and live alone but do have a very dear lady and we do share time together. I have not gotten used to living with COPD but right now my biggest problem is coping with not wanting to eat. My taste buds are gone and I have trouble getting a meal down and I'm losing weight as we speak. I am on inhalers.

I'm a retired aerospace engineer having spent 30 years with the same company. I have three children and 5 g-children. I've lived in Sarasota, Florida for the past 15 years.

If you need more information just ask.

Kindest regards,


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Hi Essie, some good thoughts and suggestions. I found a web site recently and that talked about it. That problem seemed to be quite common and there suggestion was to break your eating into small increments which I am starting to do so we'll see what that does. I could sure use the pounds your gaining. Good luck to you and thanks for the advise. Saramana.


Welcome to the group. Sometimes i have the same problem but I keep something to snack on an it seems to help. I also have problems with not wanting to cook. When you are alone it's hard to cook for just one person. When I do cook I freeze it dor later. Have a blessed day. Will be praying for you.


Thank you. Chuck


Good idea - I'll try peanut butter and saltines.


Hi Chuck, i have the not hungry problem. Dr put me on only 1 mg of Prednizone, it worked great. You might try that the best to you .


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