Nebulizing Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the top alternative treatments for COPD, listed at

Earth Clinic. How to do it? Good info here. Need to get a nebulizer, never used one.

Testimonials at Earth Clinic. Many don't nebulize it but use small amounts in a spray down the throat. A number of other natural remedies are listed there also.

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  • I've never heard of hydrogen peroxide with a nebulizer but I wail ask my dr about that and the mushroom thing too. Thanks a lot!

  • Welcome! You might show your doctor all the testimonials about hydrogen peroxide at Earth Clinic. But if he isn't open to alternatives, don't expect much support.

  • Hi Altamisal, I agree he probably won't be excited about it...LOL...he certainly didn't agree with the vaporizer cigs. Told me absolutely no. But I'll see him after the 1st of the year and talk to him about that. Thanks!

  • Welcome. Are you using the vaporizer to help you quit smoking? Or as a replacement for smoking?

    I vape weed myself, on occasion. It is supposed to help lungs.

  • No I'm not using that. My niece and nephew use those but they use more of those than the cigs. Also when I talked to my Dr about them he said he wouldn't suggest them because they haven't made sure about the long time effect of them. So I'm going to stick with the patches and try the gum and lozenges. Thanks a lot though.

  • I would use care using that once u do u won't get it out and it only take a little to start bubbling and that could be a very bad situation u know it can burn u just for the hell of it just put some in your ear I do this all the time now just imagine what it would be like in your lungs

  • Naturally one ought to use caution and be very sure of what they are doing with this. From Earth Clinic:

    "The hydrogen peroxide inhalation method from Bill Munro is one of the most popular natural cures on Earth Clinic for over 15 years! Articles on this page include detailed instructions on the hydrogen peroxide inhaling method and testimonials from hundreds of our readers who have tried this cure for viruses, COPD, lung issues, chronic coughs, asthma, cancer, herpes, and more.

    Interesting in viewing detailed instructions of the hydrogen peroxide inhalation method on YouTube? See Deirdre Layne's video on the subject. Deirdre is the Founder and CEO of Earth Clinic and has been using the inhalation method for over a decade for early onset of viruses."

    Diredre's video:


  • I just found there is actually someone here who has posted about her improvement on Hydrogen Peroxide. Looks like she took it internally, she refers to the "One Minute Cure." Link to her thread:

    And more info on the One Minute Cure, taking it internally:

    Think it is time I started on it myself. If it works internally, then I don't have to spring for a nebulizer!

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