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Tied to oxygen


I am new here. After struggling with COPD for years and several recent urgent medical emergencies I have been placed on oxygen 24/7 . I have 2 concentrators at home and the backup large tanks for travel to the doctor. I do not want to be confined to my house and hate dragging oxygen tubes through the house .I do not want to bring the tank in order to go to restaurants or friends' houses.

I now feel helpless and dependent and am trying to adjust and find out more about portable oxygen devices for travel and leisure events. We looked at one at a local medical supply company , but it weighed 20 lbs. with adapters and extra batteries. COPD already tires me , how could I lug around that kind of weight ? I need a lighter device with long battery life. does anyone have any suggestions for a the ideal device to suit my needs?

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i have an inogen g3 portable concentrator. it weighs around 5 lbs. lpm only goes to 5, so it depends on what your lpm is. it's not continuous flow, but on demand. hope this helps, I really like mine. its's also faa approved.

Hello Herblou, I understand your problem with oxygen, I've been there and felt like that. The best thing you can do for yourself is accept where you are in life. I have concentrator at home, can go through my house using oxygen, can fill smaller tanks, I have two of them. If used on continuous, doesn't last very long, on pulse does pretty good. They fit in a shoulder bag that is pretty easy to carry. Weighs less than10 pounds.

Shop around, there is something out there that will work for you, just not ever going to be the same as before oxygen . I don't like having to use it either but without I'd be home more than I want. Accepting ones limitations is tough.

Maybe consider oxygen as your good friend, because it really is!

Good luck and God Bless.

Hi. How do you fill smaller tanks? I keep ordering the smaller tank that goes in the shoulder strap ba

Hi, I'm also on oxygen 24/7. I have an Ingen G3 that goes to 6 liters that I use when I go out. It is pulse and the battery can last up to 8 hours (depending on your liter requirement) It has a cart with wheels, so you do not have to carry it. This works for me. I suggest that you look into in. It will give you some renewed freedom. I know how difficult the adjustment to supplemental oxygen dependency can be...hang in there...it will get easier with the right tools.

valeriejean in reply to Madyjo

If I might ask what does your unit go to on CF. Continous Flow. I have found that Pulse flow does not get it for me on POCs.

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To the best of my knowledge, I do not have cf on my portable

valeriejean in reply to Madyjo

thank you. i did try my friends and it just could not give me what I need. I would give my eye teeth for a light wt POC that would satisfy my requirements

Please try out what ever POC portable oxygen concentrator that you may buy. Everyone touts the Inogen and I am sure it is fine for those that don't need a CF constant flow of 4-5 LPM. I was hoodwinked into buying one a responices ever go they said went to five. My breath is so shalow it set off the alarm so it did not suit my needs but it cost me a six hundred dollar restock fee. I finally just setteled on the green tanks, where I can go 2 LPM at rest and 5 LPM on exertion. I use C and D tanks in a backpack and E in the car for road trips, of course a concentrator at home. I go to pulmonary rehab and use treadmill and weights to keep my strength up so I can carry these. I'm following and interested if you find something that can help you. I would be interested in your requirements. Make sure your pulmonary doc or resptitory therapist helps you to find one that will work for you. You should be able to rent first to make sure. good luck and happy trails. buyer beware, do not trust a 10 day free trial, as if it doenst work they say well keep trying as it will adjust to you breath. it didn't., not in their time frame. all measurements are not alike and vary between manufactures. good luck

I now use tne small tanks outside, not that heavy.use a sho!der or backpack holder.Usually get six tanks every two weeks.

Check out 1stclassmed.com. They have a chart on their website that compares and contrasts the various types. Maybe you can find one that will work.

I am new to oxygen 24/7 as well. I use the tank that uses a shoulder strap holds. Around 2-2 1/2 hrs. I take an extra tank in the car. It's a pain. I have to figure out appx how long I will be out of the house for. I was diagnosed June 13.

Wonder if anyone has a better option. I know there is a back pack one that the Dr has to recommend. It operates like your home unit. However you will need to plug it in wherever you go

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