I am divorced, live alone and will be 70 years old in July and I was diagnosed with severe to moderate COPD/emphysema in 2001, but know I have had it much longer than that. I kept myself in denial for many years. I am not taking any COPD medication and haven't for several years. The inhaled steroids made my coughing so severe I would almost pass out. When I refused to take them anymore, my doctor told me I didn't have to come back until I got sick. So, I've been on my own every since. I changed my diet and began taking supplements. I also do the One Minute Cure with Hydrogen Peroxide. This probably is not the answer for everyone, but it works for me. I am better since I went off chemical/prescription drugs. I would like to make friends with people with my kind of condition. I am not a whiner and I refuse to let myself have a bad day. Every day I wake up breathing is a good one

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  • You sound like me, 69 and divorced. I am interested in what you do in place of the meds. I get Spiriva and Albuterol, but cant tell they do much. Im sure they do. I can breath pretty well. Get short of breath fairly easy. Worst problem is the mucus that I cant cough up. What area do you live in? Im in Oregon.

  • I don't cough up much junk anymore, since going off the meds. I do a very controversial treatment, and I don't go around telling everyone they should do it, too. It works for me. It's called the "One Minute Cure." You can find it on You tube or on Google. It's done with food grade hydrogen peroxide. I use it as an inhalant, too. You would have to do the research and decided if it's for you. I'm so glad to be off chemical medication. I feel so much better. Oh, and I'm in Idaho. Where in Oregon?

  • The One Minute Cure is ingesting food grade hydrogen peroxide, a few drops at a time. You can research it on the internet and You tube. Not for everyone, but it works for me. I use essential oils, too. I have 1/3rd of my air capacity. I get stronger every day. I had quite a time when I went off my depression and sleeping meds a couple of months ago. I did cold turkey and it set me on my kiester! For a while I thought I was going to die. I didn't! Hehe. I woke up alive this morning! Woohoo! Breathe easy my friend.

  • What oils do you use? Is there a website you would recommend to get info about their use?

  • You sound as stubborn as me! I like that. We can whip the world with our attitudes, friend. Keep up the good work and visit often!

  • Hi, can you tell me where you are with the H2O3 tx. I started on it and got up to 25 drops twice a day, then it made me nauseous, and since then, just thinking about it makes me want to throw up. What do you mix it with? I was using distilled water. Are you doing the neb tx with the H2O3? Is it helping?

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