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Hello out there in COPD land I'm kind of new here but voice myself in other COPD blogs and forums my story is kind of long but I will tell u it's been a hell of a ride , was diagnosed about five to six years ago with A fib when I was there during my stay they performed a die ct scan at that time they found a Thorastic Anorism and COPD plus the a fib treatment , but I had Been told I was mild COPD about two years before that when again when I was in the hospital for MRSA and was out for five days that I was in a coma , well that stay was eighteen days this was from nose surgery it's alway the simplest one that nearly kill u , anyway back to the A fib they put a paser in after two trips in for five days now may of 2015 I had been In complaint with oxygen just wouldn't where it during the day and they wanted me to all the time I wore it only at night and that three liters I ended up very sick my ox fell in the sixties I went to hospital I was admitted and I don't remember much my wife told me not one Dr. Thought I would live the C0 2 was killing me , they couldn't get it down the had to vent me there I was put in a coma for over six weeks I was on there three months and two hospitals and rehab for another six weeks to learn how to walk again now I have been home and the trachea is out about seven months now I'm on six liters of ox and I have to where it or I feel like I'm going to fall out life isn't the same and I'm going nuts just hanging around , I have a Harley with a side car I did have it out but hate the looks I get and I have my mustang which was my hobbie car but now unable even with oxygen to work on it so I guess I'm a prisoner in my home don't know where life is taking me but I just hope it's not that hot place I feel like I'm all ready there ,

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  • Your story sounds close to mine. In hospital for several months plus rehab. I am on oxygen 24/7. Can't go to far. No vacations or getting outside when it is hot or to cold. I also feel like a prisoner in my home. Don't have my car anymore needed to much to fix so have to depend on others to take me places.

    I will pray for you. Have a blessed day.

  • Wow you've had a rough ride! Hope things get better for you

  • So sorry to hear how bad it's been for you. I agree the worse thing is feeling like a prisoner. I too am on oxygen 24/7 and its amazing how small your world becomes. I do try to focus on the things I still can do and try to remain as positive as possible. When I hear other blogs about what others in the COPD community go through, I thank God for my own situation. Somehow there is always someone worse off than me. Praying for both better health and breathing for you mustangman.

  • I'm very much interested in hearing more about Terra Essential Oils. How much, how often which one you use :) Thank you for your inspirational post! Carol

  • Thank you sooo much for your message! I just purchased the Terra Essential Oils through Amazon. I'm willing to try anything at this point. I so appreciate your reply. Thank you again.... God Bless :)

  • I also have do terra oils which ones and how do u use

  • I will pray for a good frame of mind and hope you will do the same for me. My name is Sandy (USA). I have COPD, bronchitis and asthma. I had a friend who had a lung transplant because of pulmonary fibrosis and she had an AMAZING attitude. Every one of us on this site hope for a better quality of life but you seem to need what I need... a good outlook. Look to Jesus. He may not choose to help you breathe easily again but will help you through. God bless you.

  • Good afternoon Mustangman, my name is Patricia7, Could you explain a bit more re co2 levels please ie what happens when this occurs.Why do the o2 levels drop and why do they need to put you on a ventilator please Mustangman? Also, why are you put into an induced coma? I hope that you dont mind me asking questions, very new to me, all this re o2 levels.Thank you for sharing your experiences. Thank you Patricia7

  • Hello well it was repository failture it's called , your lungs are like a sponge when u breath u are supplying oxygen to your organs through your blood as u breath the used oxygen returns to the lungs in the form of co2 Carbon dioxide which exspells when u exshust your air damaged lungs will not exspells all the used air and it retains in the lungs and throws your ph way off its like poison in the blood and u can't get enough oxygen in and the co2 builds , you have to get it out , there are ways they do this ,one is with a device called C Pap and Bi Pap and of course more avaistive trachea vents which help u breath co2 raises it can kill ,very dangerous and they check this by taking blood from a deep vane artery put it in a machine and it tell them how much is in your blood and saturation of oxygen and your blood ph which is also important not to over saturate with oxygen that also can cause u to have a high co2 level , if u have COPD your probity never going to have high oxygen levels more like in the 90s somewhere but if u have more damage your going to be on oxygen 24/7 and anywhere from 2 liters to 15 liters I'm around six , I hate it but the alturitive isn't my choice , I'm slowly better then before this happen I caused it by refusing to ware my oxygen every night and when I was in need found it uncomforable after being in that coma six weeks I find its not so bad , the reason they induce a coma is that u would not be happy with all those tubes in your mouth and down your nose without freaking out and causing more problems I didn't know it so it wasn't so bad , when I started to come out they took it out slowly. And then I was like a bowl of jello it took six weeks to walk again , so now I try and do things but it's not easy u have to-passé yourself and this heat don't help matters your whole life changes like getting old over night , I need Devine intervention to help me many little health issues also do not help , so it out to Pasteur for me unless they find a cure ,

  • Good pm Mustangman I don't know what time it is in America I am very sorry. It is 19.54pm,here.I hope that you are well. Thank you very much for your post; I appreciate it very much you taking the time to explain things for me, you make me think. I do hope that you continue to improve re your health Mustangman, sending you Best Wishes, thank you Patricia7.

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