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Looking for a new appliance


I'm really sorry to everyone who is having issues. I am on my 3rd stomach surgery for Crohn's. I was released from the hospital 1week ago and am on my 2nd ileostomy. So far besides from having a large amount of drainage from my stapled stomach I am having a REALLY bad time already with leakage from my bag. Its destroying my stomach again, any helpful ideas (I've tried ALL the glues etc.)

And yes listen to your body if u push it will be 1 step foward 3steps back!

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Hi, i use the coloplast stoma bags code 10421. I also use the coloplast washer discs underneath and have never had a leak. The discs work amazingly well. Help it helps

Hi there. Sorry to hear that you're going through a rough patch. I used calamine lotion on my skin before putting my barrier ring and bag on. I use Salts confidence natural advance bags because they are very soft with aloe Vera in. I always shower with my bag off and never use soaps around the stoma area. Hope things get better for you soon.

Hi. I used the Coloplast NDA13 with the Brava protective seal, and Brava elastic tape (bananas) which provided additional adhesion.

Whilst I was in hospital, and for the first few days after release, I had a lot of problems with leakage. In desperation I read the leaflet that came with the bag, and realised that it had a specific instruction to warm the bag to ensure good adhesion. The hospital nurses didn't seem to be aware of this.

I used a hairdryer on a warm setting for about 10 seconds after applying the bag, and then pressed it for about 30 seconds. I never had a leakage problem after that.

It may not be your problem, but it may be worth reading the literature again just in case.

The very best of luck to you.

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