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Colostomy pain when bowel movement

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Need advice help

I have just recently had a colostomy 4 weeks ago I am in a lot of pain every time the bag fills, the pain is like a fist inside being pushed up through my stoma it feels like something is stopping it.

Been back to the hospital had a x-ray and CT scan to show if there are any bowel restrictions but they said nothing is showing up, I am seeing my surgical doctor again on Saturday, but the pain is still very severe

The reason for having the stoma this because I have crones disease and crone The reason for having the stoma this because and I have crones disease and perennial crohns which I have a fistula and the Seton in place and have had it for the last four years I have also got a abscess which is been packed every day

I also went blind 6 years ago

I have been on numerous medications but I don't seem to respond well I was on infliximab and ended up with sepsis and rushed into Resus in June

If anyone has gone through this similar pain it would be great I could hear from you

Thanks mscho

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Hi .

Christine here .

I too have crowns disease will fistulaes and see tons .

4 years ago I had a panproctocolectomy . It took me 4 months to recover .

Are you managing to eat properly? And if so have you looked at the foods you are eating and making sure you chew your food .

Sounds daft I know .

good luck at the hospital xxx

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I am really conscious about foods to eat and not to eat I've kept to a strict diet with advice from stoma nurse and I am chewing like 25 times as recommended with any meat

The stoma nurse says I'm doing everything right my husband has looked up the foods that could cause issues

I am also drinking water regular

Thanks for replying


I have an illeostomy so cannot be of much help with regards to a colostomy, but just wanted to wish you well and hope you manage to get things sorted.

Mandy, xx

Thank you millie

I'm afraid I can't be of much help I had ileostomy,but three years passed up and I still suffer with chronic pain it seems to be the luck of the draw I wish you well on your recovery

Thank you Patrick

I also have iliostomy and get terrible pain to right of bag. It is like a terrible stitch pain. I have been scanned to see if hernia but nothing there. X


Thanks for sharing your story.

Was it the Crohns that caused your blindness? As this can be a complication in later years.

As know someone who has been suffering for 30yrs the same conditon as yourself with 2 fistulas and setons and re-occuring sepis. Surgeon told him his condition could affect his eyes as they have got worse and his illness could lead to Cancer.

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