Living with a Stoma

Colostomy surgery

I'm having surgery in 3 days, I'm so scared.

My diagnosis is colovaginal fistula after a hysterectomy 20 years ago, and C sections prior to that.

I'm having adheliosis, (lesions removed) from bladder vagina and colon. There are 2 surgeons both doing their bit. They have said there maybe a stoma in place when I wake up but can't say whether it will be temp or permanent! I feel they lack of info off them is horrifying, I've no idea how long I'm going to be in hospital. I saw a stoma nurse once who gave me a hand full of leaflets and a selection of bags! That's it that's all the info I've had. Surgery is Tuesday I'm to be in the hospital for 7.30 am.

What is going to happen? How will I feel, I have no idea!

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Hi , I hope by now you are much improved. Your symptoms sound so similar to the problems i had prior to surgery , with bladder problems requiring surgery , fistula between bladder and large intestine (not nice) and surgery to remove large sections of the large intestine and small intestine , resulting in permanent stoma. The Op took some 8 hours, and i spent almost 3 days following the op "throwing up" bright green bile (pretty colour). Took me about 3months to get "Back on my feet", and although now (6 years later- i still suffer constantly with pains and the usual stoma related problems, overall , approaching 70 , i feel in relativity good health, just the usual problems from bending , stretching, and lifting heavy items.

i did "retire" following the op, and was back in hospital 2 years later to have some remedial surgery following problems with the stoma and the large intestine.(only a 3.5 hour op this time). But for the past three years ive been back in full time work - fortunately in my own business , so if i have the odd "Bad Day" i can potter off to the loo without having to answer to anyone as often as i need.

So there is light at the end of the tunnel and i am sure you will gradually improve and find your own way to deal with the inconveniences of stoma life. Best wishes.


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