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Is worsening pain in and around your stoma normal 2weeks post op?

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I had a loop ileostomy performed 2weeks ago and have started having a lot of pain in the stoma and surrounding area. The area is swollen too. Is this just things healing? I'm not sure what to expect :/

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It happen with stoma, better you concern stoma care nurse

Thank you leepsa :) my stoma nurse came out to see me today and thinks it is still all post op pain and swelling thankfully.

HI Anne

I have colostomy 2 years back, I also have problem with stoma, granulation around stoma, paining & bleeding, electric cauterization done , now I am doing cauterization my self by Silver Nitrate, got some relief, but fully.

may god bless u

Hi Kirsty - I am from the charity Ostomy Lifestyle and if there is anything that you want to discuss we do have a free phone helpline that you are more than welcome to call it is generally open from between 10-3 Mon-Fri! Everyone on the helpline either has had stoma surgery or is a stoma care nurse. 0800 731 4264 We all know how things in the early days can be quite daunting. Hope this helps :-)

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I dont live in the usa, I have no access to a stoma nurse, can I send a photo so someone can tell me if this like normal?)


how long you have colostomy?

Hi Kirsty - how are you doing now? has the pain got better for you ? I hope it has! I remember my stoma was also painful when I had it first done - If there is any other information we can help you with then please don't hesitate in contacting us - regards Ostomy Lifestyle :-)

Hi stoma nurse, so sorry I haven't replied! Thank you so much for your messages. Things are going really well now :) my stoma nurse came and checked out my stoma and at the time I still had a lot of post op swelling etc. so she thinks that the pain was just the healing. I'm not having the pain anymore which is good :) My bag is still pretty active, mainly at night...I have my main meal in the afternoon now, take loperamide and hate tried marshmallows etc. but it just keeps going. It's not too bad though, it's nothing compared to what I had to deal with before the ileostomy anyway! I hope you are well and thank you again for all your support x

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