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Any link between high bilirubin and rectal bleeding?

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I’ve had rectal bleeding for over a year now despite a negative colonoscopy July 31, 2020. Blood tests show elevated bilirubin levels, but I don’t show any symptoms of hyper-bulimia. I wonder what could be causing the high levels of bilirubin and whether there is a link to this and my rectal bleeding? Any thoughts would be helpful and greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Hi digar,Thank you for posting and I'm sorry to read that you are still experiencing rectal bleeding with no known cause. I believe at one point you were going to be getting a second opinion. Did you see another doctor?

I'm assuming/hoping that you had a DRE (digital rectal exam) and/or an anoscopy - if not, these would be critical examinations to look for causes of rectal bleeding.

Additionally, since colorectal cancer has been ruled out, it could be a good time to start seeing a digestive disease specialist that works with patients with digestive disease that is NOT colorectal cancer.

If you have not yet joined these groups, they could be a great resource:

Good luck and don't give up until you get answers!

~Nicole, GCCA Staff Member & Colon Cancer Connected Site Administrator.

Just a reminder - this group is here to offer support, share experiences, and offer our thoughts - but this is not medical advice, and you should always consult your medical professional(s). Additionally, for all emergencies, seek urgent medical care, never delay.

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