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So on the back of my previous post I have now had my colonoscopy completed almost 2 weeks ago. The consultant was very happy with the rest of my bowel & I had only 2 small pollyps removed. And there were no other tumours :) He will see me in 4 months time just to check in on me. I asked him how long I’d had my colostomy bag for and he’s said a year. Which to be fair is ok. Considering what Iv been through I think I can manage it for that period of time.

My gynea consultant seen me last week and Iv made it into the medical journal. I think a lot more care and caution will be considered with pregnant women. The “it’s a pregnancy symptom” may be ruled out when it comes to back pain and constipation. I’m not saying that that’s what it is but more checks may be offered.

I still can not believe what happened to me 11 weeks ago. My beautiful daughter saved me! She is the goodness have come from this all.

I go back in 5yrs for another colonoscopy as long as all seems good till then.

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Great news.

Enjoy a long and wonderful life with your daughter . Bid hugs

How are you feeling now? Bless you, I hope you’re enjoying being a mum again and your children are keeping you busy. Thank you for sharing your story it really touched me xx

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