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Colonoscopy and very frightened


A few month ago I had very bad cramping pain and diarrhoea. I went to the doctor I had a temp and I was sent for a blood test which showed I had some inflammation. The doctor suspected I had diverticulitis and was given antibiotics and everything settled down. I have been for a scan and everything looked ok so next step is a colonoscopy. I have a appointment for this on Thursday I have to start taking the moviprep tomorrow and I feel sick just thinking about it I have a terrible gag reflex. I am sitting here crying. I am getting sedated which I have had for dental work but have been told it is a different sedation and will not put me out as at the dentist. I have seen lots of horror stories I have anxiety and depression anyway and this is making me ill I can't sleep or eat and feel sick. I'm 56 years old and my anxiety is getting worse as I get older. I feel awful has anyone felt like this and how did they cope.

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Yes. I have had one and am due another in October. It is a procedure which is demeaning, dehumanising and mildly painful. What can one say? Well, one can tell the truth! And I just have.

I had a colonoscopy a month ago, it was not that bad but unfortunately they found a tumour and I am scheduled for surgery on 29th August. It is of utmost important to be POSITIVE in these situations and not think the worst. Take ONE step and ONE day at a time, that's all we can do really to help us get through this situation. Don't worry yourself sick or think too much about it, just go for it to get peace of mind. I know it's easier said than done but you just have to muster the strength and do it. All the best with your colonoscopy and take care.

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It's really not so bad, & doesn't take very long. Calm yourself as much as possible.

I had the procedure (colonoscopy) carried out around 10 years ago, I was I admit absolutely terrified beforehand as I had never up until that point (or indeed since) had any medical procedure whatsoever carried out before. I was sedated but not fully, I was placed into what was called 'twilight' sleep. The worrying beforehand was unfounded, the procedure was painless and the outcome favorable. I was given a medication 48 hours beforehand that I can only describe as 'evacuating' everything that my stomach held (via back passage) and did not eat a thing for 24/36 hours beforehand. The only thing I could think of after the procedure was eating the largest pizza that I could and in between colossal bouts of wind (yes wind!) after the colonoscopy I devoured the pizza which was delicious and I felt very relieved indeed. Wishing you all the very best, stay calm and concentrate on what you intend to eat when it's over! Best wishes

Please do not be afraid of this procedure. It is very quick and not as another person has said dehumanising or demeaning. I had one in January this year which resulted in my loosing part of my bowel and developing sepcis. Is it not the case that a lot of medical procedures we have to go through at different stages of our lives we may as well leave our dignity at the door before getting them done. At the end of the day these procedures are done for a purpose and in my particular case saved my life. So don't be afraid as with most things the end justifies the means.

I get what you mean but I’m sorry is that really appropriate for someone whose already scared

My comment was not meant to frighten or indeed heighten anybody's anxiety regarding what they are going through but an effort to explain that in my own personal case the colonoscopy was not really such a bad ordeal and will repeat the ends justified the means. How many times do we hear of people who through worry or anxiety regarding any particular procedure they have to face just think to themselves perhaps 'well my symptoms are not that bad' or maybe 'no I am too young to have anything seriously wrong' and just don't bother or put off having procedures done. At the end of the day what is or is not appropriate comments to make does not matter as long as the main goal of diagnosing what could be after all a life threatening situation is reached. I am sorry if you found my comments unhelpful as that was not the intention but trust me as someone who has gone through breast cancer in the summer of 2010 , lost my husband of 25 years to lung cancer in July 2011, diagnosed with bowel cancer in February 2017 and now diagnosed on the 8th of January with lung cancer I can assure you there are many, many far worse procedures than colonoscopy and if I had to draw up a list of my worst top ten procedures that particular one would not appear on that list. I may not be at the top of the tree when to comes to putting things into words however I cannot stress enough on anyone the importance of trying to put your worries to one side and try to deal with whatever comes your way. What's that old saying 'done that wore the tea shirt'!!! and in my, as I hope is as in everyone else's case, it wasn't so bad!!!

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