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Hello everyone, I would like to say hello to you all here on this site. My diagnosis has changed from ovarian cancer to bowel cancer stage 4. I am a little bit shook up by the whole thing but here is hoping that I will get many years before this disease gets me. I have bowel cancer of course and underwent a total hysterectomy in May of this year, now I am going to have chemo followed by resection on my bowel and resection on my liver as I have two tumors there. I underwent a pet scan today and I am just worried sick that there is more cancer lurking somewhere else.. I am scared but I try to stay strong as I have 3 fabulous children and a good husband to look after. Well that is my story. I hope to get support here but to also give support where I can. Thanks for reading.

Best wishes


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  • The folfox chemo is not so bad. You get some finger and toe feelings but it is very effective. I must say the hospital seems a little weak on cancer diagnosis. We are all together on this site and wish you well.

  • Wishing you all the best with your treatments and hope you make a full recovery. I have only just got a colorectal diagnosis and still trying to process it all as I await CT and MRI scans along with the pathology report.

  • My thoughts, best wishes, and prayers are with you