I was diagnosed with bowel cancer last Feb & learnt it had spread to my Liver.Before starting Chemo a blockage was found during an Xray and as a consequence I now have a stoma bag. The idea of having a stoma bag had always horrified me, but it is surprising how one adjusts and now after 6 months its a way of life. Nothing to be scared of, but something to be accepted and coped with.

I am now nearing the end of my Chemo treatment & the results of a CT scan are due mid July [2016] - its hoped that the cancer will have shrunk/been contained. Throughout the whole experience both my supportive wife & I have been very positive. Of course there are down days, but the NHS staff have been truly amazing, so supportive & though there are trials to overcome, I can take each day as it comes and look at cancer face on. Scared? Apprehensive? - of course I am. I may or may not beat it, but its got a fight on its hands!

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  • Hi im having chem + rad prior to stoma so good to hear some positive comment. John

  • What Chemo are u on? My mom was just diagnosed with the same situation as you. What treatment did u do? Thanks :(

  • What treatment did u do? How was your results in July? How are you doing...my mom was diagnosed with this same thing last week. Prayers and best of luck to you.

  • hi how you get on after your chemo i have bowel cancer and 3 tumours on liver i start my chemo sun i have neuroendocrine cancer

  • Great positive attitude...It IS about adapting and changing isn't it....not bemoaning the facts, accepting them.... without 'feeling like' a victim....cos we aren't....We are responsible for facing it (hopefully NOT alone) and working to improve chances ....

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