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I,m new here,

Hi I,m new here, I was diagnosed with bowel cancer when I was looking after my daughter who,s breast cancer came back in her spine, sadly she passed away the day before my op,

My cancer was found after tests to find out why I was so anemic, I just thought it was as I was working and going round to my daughters, i was exhausted,

This was 3 years ago, and I'm still battling on, the doc said I have survivors guilt,,

I'm also fighting liver cirrhosis, which was caused by my Diabeties, I've had a liver tipps procedure before my op as I was not able for chemo, I get MRI,s every 4 months as I have regenerative nodules on my liver which can turn to cancer at any time, I.m so tired, I have chronic pain daily, liver and spleen, stomache, dihyorea, had a splenetic Aneurysom coiled in January, I,m so scared of live, so tired, xx

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Dear Grankids3 many thanks for sharing your story. You're unbelievably strong and brave being able to handle so much in your life, I wish you all the best and hope so much that you'll feel better soon xx

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Thank you, people say I,m strong, but don't feel it, I get so down, cry for the least wee thing, but put on a brave face for others, my daughter would be mad if I were to give up, I,m fighting for her and my grand children, I have more illnesses, but cancer and liver have been the worst,

I will remain positive, help others if I can, I'm a fighter, xx


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