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Just 15 cigarettes can cause a mutation that leads to cancerous tumours

A series of hard-hitting government adverts featuring people smoking cigarettes with a tumour growing from the end is being launched in England.

The ads will tell smokers that just 15 cigarettes can cause a mutation that leads to cancerous tumours in what marks a return to shock campaigning.


And I wonder why I have CLL?

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How much tax is earned from national sales? Just stop retailers from selling them? Surely that will reduce smokers.?

It's probably the only thing that would have stopped me when I wanted to smoke. After the first pack knowing I'd had more than 15 would have made me less likely to stop.

Now they've covered up the cigarettes at the supermarket the queue of those buying them is longer. is it because people can't remember what they want or is a transaction taking longer? Will a new advert make any difference?


If the number fifteen can stick, then perhaps peer pressure from non smokers will force the smoking population to consider it could be damaging others than themselves? 15 is not a lot, how much smoke does a passive smoker need to inhale?


Given respiratory illnesses and secondary cancers can be life threatening complications for those with CLL, WHAT an incentive to quit. Plus you get a large tax free raise! If only nicotine wasn't so extremely addictive. Research has shown that it is as addictive as the hard drugs heroin, cocaine or amphetamines.


Another good reason to quit is that smoking damages the cilia (fine hairs) that normally work to sweep any contaminants out of the lungs, so potentially cancer causing particles have longer to do their worst. Overnight, the cilia recover somewhat and start sweeping out contaminants that have collected previously - hence the morning smoker's cough.


There are plenty of contaminants in the air even if you aren't exposed to tobacco smoke. Ever been stuck behind a badly tuned diesel vehicle? The fine sooty exhaust particles are a known cancer cause and the cancer risk is understandably much higher if your lungs can't sweep these particles out effectively. This is dramatically illustrated when smokers are exposed to asbestos; their risk of developing lung caner is 50 to 90 TIMES that of non smokers similarly exposed...


Will the ads change anything? Most likely yes - cigarettes will become larger! Pardon my cynicism, but remember, one pack a day smokers have already gone from packets of 10 to 35 cigarettes...



I managed to stop smoking 3 years ago, after a lifetime's habit but that was only because I wanted to and not because I had been bullied, shouted at and shunned by others for years.

I am aware it is a dreadful habit and I know I have done harm to myself through it. Most smokers I know, feel guilty and really bad about themselves anyway and the last thing they need is to be made to feel even worse or maybe that their illnesses (whatever they may be) are their own fault.

I know it's not PC but I would just ask, to spare a thought for those amongst us, who haven't yet managed to give up - as we know, it is a very powerful addiction and people aren't always able to do what's good for them!

After all, we are merely humans.

sparkler x


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