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Global blood supply runs low - and that's a worry for those with CLL


A study funded by the National Institutes of Health reports that "Nearly two-thirds of countries worldwide have an insufficient supply of blood for transfusion, according to findings from a recent modeling study including 195 countries and territories.


Shortages are attributable to a variety of challenges, including resource constraints, insufficient component production, and a high prevalence of infectious diseases, according to investigators.


“Many countries face critical undersupply of transfusions, which will become more pronounced as access to care improves,” the investigators wrote."

Full article:

There's currently a worldwide shortage of IgG, which many of us regularly need to maintain our immunity, plus during treatment, it's reasonably common to require blood or platelet transfusions until our bone marrow recovers sufficiently.

Please encourage anyone that asks, "What can I do to help you?" to consider becoming a regular blood donor.


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Sorry to hear this, Neil, but thanks for sharing.

Great reply to people who say they'd like to help us - ask them to consider being a blood donor!


P.S. Unusual photo - what is it?

AussieNeilAdministrator in reply to PaulaS

Photo is of a wildflower on Kangaroo Island.

I’ve been sharing LLS’s reports of the shortage on my FB page and today saw my nephew’s family and we discussed it. They told me that due to piercing and tattoos they can’t give for 6 months after either. The shortage is worrisome for sure. I’m getting a black tee that reads Give Bood. Save a Life, soon.

My family members give blood regularly. When I was hospitalized a few years ago I needed 10 units of blood, and I think that's when they realized that if you're healthy enough to give blood, you should!! I'm proud of them for giving.

Great advice, my small town does blood drives frequently

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