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Being diagnosed a year and a half ago at age 55 I have like everyone on this forum wake up trying to fin my way within this new world of cll. I have followed this forum which has provided me with so much information, appreciation an gratitude. For those that have shared their personal experiences thank you. Everyone has their story and the abilty to share that although difficult has brought me the confidence and comfort to continue to move my life forward. I know there are many very dedicated and smart people working hard to find new remedies and hopefully a cure for this and many other cancers. What I have learned over the past Year and a half is I believe they are close. I am hopeful that 2019 will be another remarkable year with many break through events to take us all closer to what we all want, to distance ourselves from cll being such a big part of many of our lives. Hope is a very strong word and can have so many uses. I hope everyone the best Over the holiday Season and hope for this time next year we are all here being thankful for what we have and looking forward to another great year ahead.

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