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Good news 6 months post CART and an interview with my lead CART doctor in Seattle

bkoffmanCLL CURE Hero


I was filming interviews at ERIC 2018 in Barcelona when I got a call from Seattle with the good news on the persistence of my CART by PCR at 6 months out from my therapy. I already know that I am MRD undetectable in the blood and marrow by flow. This is the best news.

More details and explanations are here: as well as an interview with my lead CART doctor here:

The ERIC meeting was full of great CLL topics and we did 16 interviews that we will be posting over the next few months.

Met with fellow CLL patients in London, and am flying home for only one night before I head to Salt Lake City for our Patient and Caregiver Educational Forum at the Huntsman.

While I love meeting fellow CLL patients and researchers, these last few months of the year are a bit frenetic. I need some real down time. Hope to get it after ASH.

Stay strong.

We are all in this together.


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Great news Brian. Hope you get your much needed down time, it’s certainly well deserved.

Peggy 😀

Wonderful news! Congratulations and thank you for all your hard work! And thank you for reminding me that we’ve got each other. Looking forward to your videos. Cheers!

Great news Brian! You sure do have a busy life. Hopefully you will get some of that well deserved down time soon. Can't wait to see your videos.



Kudos to you Brian for all your beyond the pale efforts. We are much enriched by your "overworking?" But, please get yourself to an oasis of warmth, sea air, and DOWN TIME.

Félicitations Docteur Koffman!

Great news Brian. Enjoy your downtime you deserve it.


Congrats on the MRD numbers (or lack of)

Congratulations Brian.

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