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My Take on 3 Interesting Papers on CLL from ASCO 2015

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bkoffmanCLL CURE Hero
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This week on CLL Society ( in our 2015 conference coverage ( section, we feature an interview with me by fellow CLL patient, Carol Preston of Patient Power ( where I quickly outline my take on three papers from ASCO 2015 on CLL.

ASCO is more about solid cancers, so the news on CLL tends to be scarce.

The three presentations are on a new prognostic scale, on a new non-chemo triplet therapy and finally on Bendamustine with and without ibrutinib.

In the accompanying text, I go into more detail, and of course provide a link to the source material itself so we can all form our own opinions.

Your comments are welcome.

I am off to iwCLL 2015 in a few weeks where I will be speaking on a panel with Dr. Keating and others on how to improve access to expensive cancer medications. I also plan to meet other CLL patients and interview the experts gathered in Sydney, Australia.

Stay strong.

We are all in this together.


6 Replies
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Sydney Australia. Is the iwCLL still going ahead ?

Can patients attend ?

We are getting desperate

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AussieNeilAdministrator in reply to aussiejo

The iWCLL is going ahead, but the planned Patient Education Day was unfortunately cancelled much to our disappointment. There is now no associated patient events other than a Q&A session with one or more visiting CLL experts that Brian and Lymphoma Australia are arranging. I don't know yet the details of that, though perhaps Brian has some more news?

We had also planned to have a session led by Brian at the end of the day for those interested in setting up a CLL Patient Advocacy Group for Australians and I'm still collecting names of people interested in supporting this. Are you interested?


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aussiejo in reply to AussieNeil

Yes I'm interested

Please let me know what u need.

Thank you for your swift reply


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To Brian Koffman

iwcll Sydney Australia

I received info there might be an opportunity for a Q & A session

for patients and/or carers to voice their concerns to these overseas experts.

If this is true, I please need details of when and where.

Aussie Jo

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bkoffmanCLL CURE Hero in reply to aussiejo

The meeting will be at the same time and likely at the same hotel, just in a smaller room and of shorter duration. Lymphoma AU is working on the details.


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Thank you

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