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Update on PSA TEST


Hubby saw his GP this afternoon, his prostate is enlarged, although he didn’t mention the blood test result. He is referring him to an urologist at the Churchill Hospital just so that he can be monitored especially with his skin cancer, rectal cancer and CLL plus the swollen kidney with the hyperdense cyst or incidental renal tumour. Just waiting on the results of that one now.

Unfortunately our trip next week to Melbourne had to be cancelled on advise of his Consultant, so desperately need to book a holiday after all that we’ve been through.

Take care everyone

Susie x

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Susie, I agree. The both of you need some time. To get away is medicine in itself. Keep having the FAITH AND BELIEVING!!!STAY STRONG J.R.🤠🤠🤠🤠

Susie, the situation you are both in at the moment must be very draining and I feel for you both.

I hope you soon get some good news.

Is there any chance that maybe a short break away in this country is available to you both. It would do you both good.

Take care.


You’ve such a lot on your plate, exhausting. You definitely need a break so go somewhere, anywhere, just to relax.



I feel for you Susiecarer, that's so disappointing not to be going to Melbourne, just when you really needed a holiday.

I hope you get some good news at the Churchill Hospital and can get away soon

Jackie x

The doctor MUST give you the results of the PSA test. It is yours or yours husbands test. Ho can he hide the test. You should ask for a copy, this is standard. The doctor should not keep this a secret.

Susiecarer in reply to seoul

Hubby is now able to access all blood tests from his GP. His PSA is now 5.2 down from 6.2. But still greater than 4. Examination took place and nothing untoward found apart from yes it is enlarged. His urologist last year said yes it is enlarged but he was in no way concerned. An appt has been made to see a urologist so that it can be monitored.


seoul in reply to Susiecarer

I guess he would subscribe some pill TAMSULOSIN, available from different manufacturer. ALNA OCAS or the like. I have been taking them for a long time. Helps to shrink and easing the blase muscle.

regards seoul

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