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Newly diagnosed CLL

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I am a 63 yo female just diagnosed with Stage 0 CLL after routine annual CBC. Negative CT (done because of multifactorial fatigue) and mutation profile in good prognostic category. Watch and wait ... labs in 3 months. My plan now is to improve overall health in various ways (wt loss, optimal nutrition, mild exercise). I am considering a few supplements such as Vit C, green tea extract, turmeric - nothing too major yet.

I have a strong faith and a positive outlook. Suggestions of any kind - and specifically about specific foods or supplements - all appreciated!

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Welcome to the club CLLmoxie. You sound positive and focused and helping yourself. That is a great start. This forum is great for expert advice and an empathetic audience. Your faith will be a great support as well. What part of the World are you in?

UK Sparky

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CLLmoxie in reply to UK-Sparky

US - Texas

Where in UK are you?

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UK-Sparky in reply to CLLmoxie

Milton Keynes, half way between London and Birmingham

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A very warm welcome to you Moxie!

As you’ve used a personal photo avatar, you may wish to restrict your post to the community otherwise it, and the responses can be accessed on the open net (including F/B) and not everyone wishes their CLL to be disclosed by accident. This is how you do it retrospectively;

‘If you wish to lock your post, select the downward arrow at the bottom of your post and click on 'Edit'. You will see an option called 'Who can see my post'? It is currently set to 'Everyone'. Just click on the 'Only followers in my community' to lock it.’

Good to meet you and your attitude sounds positive and pro-active 😊

Best wishes,


Welcome! We buy the Arizona Green Tea decaffinated. Hubby (has the CLL) seems to think it helps with his sleep. So far he has no symptoms other than blood work. About exercise, he does quite a it for a 70 yo. Golf twice a week, teaches yoga class and goes to Y for use of machines. Also works full time. Anyway, start walking, if you can to get outside, is my other suggestion.


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Hi CLLmoxie,

If you look for the box labeled "Pinned Posts" you will find this one

You can also use the search box/oval at the far right top of your computer screen and when I use that to search for food and supplements I get this list of previous posts:


Cll Society website can be helpful.

I have written about green tea on the site and this site,

See a CLL specialist before treatment ,

Be well,


Hi CLLMoxie...Welcome to our club. You have definitely found the right place for all your questions about CLL. I found this site by mistake a little over two years ago. I feel I was guided here. There is nothing you cannot ask. There are no dumb questions. If you just want to read or if you want a question answered, someone is here to help you. There are many at varying stages, so you'll find a lot of good information to use. From your post, it sounds like you're doing all the right things. Again, welcome. Carole

Thank you so much

Hi there Moxie. You seem to have positive attitude and that’s a really great starting point.

Lots of great advice here. You will learn a lot.Make your goals re nutrition realistic. In the beginning, I went for optimum healthy eating but found that this just wasn’t sustainable (you may have more willpower than me) so now I settle for doing as much as I can to eat healthily but don’t beat myself up (which is just as well because I do a LOT of unhealthy eating!)

The haematologist I first saw told me to remember that the CLL was only part of me and to remember to live happily as well.

Good to have you on board. Great information to be had from all levels of CLL here.

Peggy 😀

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CLLmoxie in reply to Peggy4

Thank you Peggy. Because of PCMR’s that are clean label; full of vits, minerals, probiotics; and EASY for those fatigue days and others ... I have the nutrition part nailed ... will predictably loose 70 lbs on purpose in about 6 months. All the rest is one day at a time. Glad to have found this group😊

Hi welcome to the family. You are in a great place for support advice & friendship. Positivity is the key.

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