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Explainer: what is chemotherapy and how does it work?

Explainer: what is chemotherapy and how does it work?

While more relevant to solid cancer treatment, much of this article provides a useful background to CLL treatment. Of particular interest is the natural origin of many cancer treatments covered in the section 'Where did we find the drugs?' The section 'Why the severe side effects?' is also of interest and explains why we are seeing second and third generation versions of proven drugs either in trial or recently approved for CLL.

Nial Wheate, BPharm Coordinator and Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney explains:

Be assured that CLL treatment trends are closely aligned to the more advanced methods mentioned in this article, in particular the use of immunotherapy (e.g. Mabthera/Rituximab, Gazyva/Obinutuzumab) and the increased development of personalised medicine.


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Cool stuff, mother nature still holds many secrets. It's amazing some of these drugs originated naturally, maybe one of these days they will stumble on the right one that unlocks the key to all cancers.


I have had the 'Red Devil', doxorubicin and Vincristine the 'hot pot holder', because of the staggering peripheral neuropathy...and cyclophosphamide the nitrogen mustard, chemical warfare weapon...

They all are very unique and I'm alive because of them...

CLL is on the forefront of targeted therapies, we are much more advanced in this area than many other cancers... something to be thankful for.


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