Explainer: how do drugs work?

Explainer: how do drugs work?

'For something that seems so incredible, drug mechanics are wonderfully simple. It’s mostly about receptors and the molecules that activate them.'  So says MacDonald Christie, Professor of Pharmacology, University of Sydney as he provides a fairly easily readable introduction into how the function of body cells is controlled by messaging molecules, whether created by our bodies, derived from plants or as a medicinal drug which has been engineered to be more effective and hopefully with less side effects than the natural precursor molecule: theconversation.com/explain...

Understanding the concepts covered in this article will help you understand how cancer drugs work - in particular the new non-chemotherapy drugs.


Photo: Bee approaching an Easter Lily  (also known as a naked lady) or more properly an Amaryllis flower: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amary...


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5 Replies

  • I always look forward to your photography. You have shared some beautiful photos. Thanks, Sally


    Your information is always informative also.

  • Thanks for the post Neil - makes sense.

    Love the photo - makes you feel like you can reach out and stroke it (flower not the bee, or is it a wasp)!


  • I'm pretty certain that it's a European Honey Bee, though we do have European Wasps sadly :( .

  • Definitely a bee, not a wasp.  (Unless there are wasps in Australia that mimic the colouring of European bees extremely well). 

  • Yes, horrible things. At least a bee usually only stings when it is threatened, wasps will sting out of spite lol.

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