Atrial fibrillation on Imbruvica

Just had surgery for a hernia, stopped Imbruvica for a week before, holding off for another week before re starting. Really feel that advice to do so was good, healing is impaired with this medication.

During routine pre opereative evaluation i was found to have premature Atrial contractions(PAC). and had a stress test that showed i had Atrial fibrillation on exercise.

Imbruvica is know to cause, or be associated with Atrial Fibrillation in 6-9% of cases.

So now i am on a Beta blocker, have an explanation for extra heart beats which i have noticed, shoved under the rug for years. Am to have a holter monitor in a few weeks.

Really a terrible dilemma. i am terrified of stopping Imbruvica, which has worked well for me, and yet Atrial Fibrillation is no joke( strokes, rapid heart rate and so on).

My preference would be to take Imbruvica, and anti arrythmic( beta blocker?) , but posts seem to lean towards stoping Imbruvica.

Will be doing research, but just tossing it out there in case there are fellow travelers.

I am 60, diagnosed October 2013. Had three rounds of FCR, remission, on Imbruvica since. doing OK.

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  • Suggest a private message to Wayne Wells who experienced AF while on Ibruvica and he has lots of information on this subject.

    Wayne can also be contacted via the


  • Thanks so much exactly what i would loke to do. Not sure how to contact Wayne Wells, tried to search him by name but nothing came up. Is there a user name??

  • Here are some links for you, some of which include Wayne’s detailed personal experience comments:-

    Also start here:-


  • Hi Lenny,

    I think this is Wayne Well's (ThreeWs) link to AF on Imbruvica

    And this is his profile Page

    Take care

    Kevin - Essex, UK

  • I had pre existing A.fib due to chemo toxicity from doxorubicin , but it was escalated on Imbruvica (ibrutinib)... use of a blood thinner and a beta/alpha blocker helped...

    I quit ibrutinib due to bleeding issues primarily and pending colon surgery... never went back on it...not my drug.

    Currently test driving Zydelig (idelalisib) and rituxan... it still has that new car smell... 🚗...


  • Hi Chris, How's the test drive with Idelalisib going ? I realise you've only just started it, but I remember how quickly it made a difference to me, as it made my spleen shrink dramatically in just a few days. It also made my ALC shoot up, but I felt worlds better in myself. I do hope that you do too...

    Wishing you well,


  • So far so good Paula... not much change... a night of diarrhea ... ...hope it passes... more rituxan on Friday...


  • I don't like the sound of that night of diarrhea... :-( Hopefully it was just due to some rich Christmas food, and will soon pass...


  • Rituxan... it has that effect on me... others it constipates...

    I have actually experienced both on it... Chinese Hamsters like to keep you guessing... 😜

  • It's good that you know the reason for it. I thought it was much too soon for Idelalisib-induced colitis. I hope this Friday's Rituxan is kinder on you... :-)

  • Chris - just wanted to tell you how amazing you are! Class A survivor!

  • I had a fib which did not respond to cardioversion prior to Imbruvica. Was started on Pradaxa twice daily. I now take it once daily and am followed closely by the cardiologist. Still hanging in there with Imbruvica and Pradaxa. My pulse stays around 60 so I don't have to have beta blockers.

  • Monitor your stools... I was on Xarelto and Imbruvica (ibrutinib) and had colon and bladder bleed issues... rare sure... but safe than sorry...


  • Thank you! I am trying to keep an eye on everything.

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