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Atrial Fibrillation after 100 days on Ibrutinib

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I’ve been on Ibrutinib for 100 days with almost no side effects.

Today, when I was being prepared for cataract surgery, it was cancelled because atrial Fibrillation was detected.

I hear that probably I will be taken off Ibrutinib which disappoints me since it has been working so well.. WBC has gone from 165 to 7.

I would like to know if this has been experienced by any of you and how it’s been handled.

Thank very much for your kind posts !!

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Sorry to hear of your AF episode. I'm dealing with it as well. I hope you have a cll specialist to consult. Wishing you the best outcome. -bill

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Samka in reply to Hidden

Thank you Bill !!

Hi Samka,

I was on Ibrutinib from February 2015 to July this year. AF was diagnosed after I collapsed 6 months into Ibrutinib. I may have been suffering AF before going on to Ibrutinib since I suffered a similar collapse in 2013. Both collapses followed, probably related to, more than normal alcohol consumption through farewell parties and Christmas. The collapses occurred a few days after the alcohol intake. I now have an implanted heart monitor. The Bournemouth team put me on Venetoclax nearly 3 months ago and this has been working well with no personally know AF episodes. The cardio team have not contacted me over any episodes and I am waiting for news as to whether my AF episodes have been eliminated.

In the meantime I expressed the view that I was experiencing more tiredness than normal for me, and on Monday, 2nd October, the haematologist suggested reducing Venetoclax down to a quarter dose, from 4 tablets daily to 1. This was related to my full blood counts all coming back within a normal range, except for platelets.

I am now on 1 tablet a day subject to review depending on blood counts.


Good luck with your treatment.


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Samka in reply to David73

Dear David,

Thank you for your very helpful post. I’m glad that you’re doing well on Venetoclax. If my doctor decides to put me on it, I hope that it works on me as well and without the fibrillation side effects.

I don’t know very much about Venetoclax but hope that it works on me as well as Ibrutinib.

Thank you very much and good luck !!

Thank you John, I will surely read all cllcanada posts and provide the info to my doctor before he decides on what we should do next.

Thank you !!

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