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End of FLAIR trail- question of dosage of Ibrutinib

I have now completed the 6 month combination of Ibrutinib and Rituximab on FLAIR trial. Main problem was severe joint and muscle pain, finally stopped Ib for a week- see previous post) After that 1 week on 1/3 dose, then a month on 2/3 and all well. Bloods looking good this week. It certainly works! . But needed to challenge with full dose again which I started a week ago. Today I feel a nasty familiar pain in my knee. I am due to travel to France at last and have decided to return to 2/3 dosage...   balancing the potential of the IB with quality of life. 

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Enjoy your trip to France Romarin, I hope you have a lovely time. Great that the bloods are looking good.

Take care.



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