Hi Everyone

Training is going well and we have raised 361.64 for the Cllsa so far

2900 members that equates to just over 12p each- come on guys lets make it 1.00 each and if we get that I promise I will never ever to post again promise :) thats got to be worth a Pound don't you think

donate through the just giving page justgiving.com/Julian-Twocock3


Flying for all of us.

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  • How do we contribute?

  • Here is the CLLSA donation page Jules set up justgiving.com/Julian-Twocock3

  • Thanks for doing this for us Jules


    PS I see you come pretty close to me in my corner of Wales look forward to seeing you fly by!

  • Thanks Nick

    All done.

    Good luck Jules


  • Hooray! I finally managed to make a donation after I don't know how many goes. PP kept saying my (correct) password was inaccurate, but I finally got through. I feel quite relieved!

    I hope all goes well for you and it keeps cool and dry. Good luck.

  • Same happened with me, Chrisgranny. I kept trying different ways, even starting a new account with PP, but it wouldn't accept me... Maybe I'll ask hubby to do it on my behalf...

  • I don't know why it finally accepted me. I have pp'd for other things that have been fine, it was just this one site. Hope you get through to them (you wouldn't think it could be so hard to give money, would you?!!).💷

  • Done - hope you really do fly!

  • Thank you everyone for your help, the total now raised for CLLSA is £511.64

    Keep it coming if you can every penny counts and it will be used to support the CLL community.

  • Good luck Jules,

    Donation done, hope you can double your target,

  • Hello

    Thank you, I do to I think it is important to help those that help us imagine for one minute what it would be like without CLLSA.....

    Take care


  • Sorry Jules very naughty of me will donate right now. Good luck x

  • I like naughty people ;- )

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