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Latest CBC - ALC/RBC/HB all going down

Hi All, back after a break.

My latest CBC revealing that my ALC has been dropped from 234 to 180 and WBC dropped 237 to 185. I was happy with this picture but then observed that my RBC also dropped from 4.14 to 3.18 and HGB dropped from 12.1 to 9.7. Platelets raised from 161 to 411 and % neutrophils raised from 0.6 % to 1.9%. (all these figures are based on my last four blood reports from 15 Dec to 15 Feb, and i observed above mentioned continuous trend in these reports)

Don't understand it is alarming or good or just a routine trend??? What should I take to maintain HG as my doctor asked that we may go for a blood transfusion if HG dropped to 7. Is blood transfusion is a painful experience and having some side effects? Is it possible that my HG may be increased with the help of diet?

Looking for guidance.


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Ignore the percents. Chart the absolute numbers - ALC and neutrophils, platelets and HGB. If these show a one time change over the last four months I would ask to have the labs redone. If these are trends over the last four months then I would ask your doctor for more input. It would seem that anemia studies should be done to determine the cause of the decline in your HGB - loss of blood somewhere in the system or some kind of anemia.

People have all kinds of theories about foods and supplements to raise or lower various counts. Stick to your doctor's advice! it is more important, in my opinion, to find the cause of the problem than to bombard your system with special foods or supplements which could just complicate the picture.

Have you had chemotherapy before? If so, and if your doctor decides that you need a transfusion, insist on irradiated blood. The transfusion shouldn't hurt. Most people feel better after one when their HGB is very low.


Thanks pkenn. No chemo started yet. I f I observe last two months reports then there is a trend of declining ALC/RBC/HGB. While platelets increased in last test only.

Yesterday I met doctor and she advised that have to wait further and if same trends persists then we will go further.

Hope for the best:)


If your HGB doesn't show improvement and especially if it declines further, but your other counts are OK, I would ask about testing to determine the cause of your anemia.

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