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Latest CBC - (CLL)

WBC = 166

RBC = 4.09

HGB = 11.4

HCT = 35.4

PLT = 248

%Neut = 1.5

% Lymp = 98

# Neut = 2.3

# Lymp = 163

My next appointment with my doctor is in mid june. When I contacted my doctor and shared this report he asked me to visit as per schedule in June. Although I was expecting that he will call me immediately.

He was of the view that these level fluctuates too much so need to be panic.

May I request for your opinion please.

Best wishes

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The rate of change in the Lymphocytes rather than the absolute value is what the doctor will be watching as well as looking for enlarge lymph node. You need several readings to see a trend and only if the Lymphocytes double over a short time period will there be a change away from W&W

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Absolutely right no need to panic!

Bloods vary from test to test and the trend is what is important.

My counts were low ( bad) in all areas but with no major symptoms and feeling well my treatment was delayed for 12 months. Only when I became fed up of 4 weekly visits to the clinic and wanted my life back did we discuss starting treatment.

If you feel well and have no other symptoms that are bothering you don't worry you could go on for a while.

Discuss openly with your doctor and come to a joint decision based upon your circumstances and their advice. It's your decision with their expertise!

I wish you well in the future journey.

Best wishes



Thanks Geoff. Right now no other issue at all. But I feel tiredness some time but I think it is more psychologically.

Thanks again for guidance n support.

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Tiredness, fatigue low energy etc are all reported with cll - can be caused by many things as well as the cll. Worth getting your vit d3 levels checked by GP - getting the level into the standard ranges seemed to have help several people be more active.


Understand your concern. Doc needs to watch over time. The % mean little look for absloutes. They all change and mean little out of contex.

6 weeks ago my WBC was over 500 and execpt for CLL i was healthy. HBG was 7.6

Yes I needed treatment but no panic. I mention these numbers just to give you a different perspective. I've also seen people need treatment when their WBC was less than 70. How do you feel



Hi. I have had CLL for 8 years and many treatments. Trust your doctor. And trust how you feel. If you don't feel well you need help. If you feel ok, have a nice day!



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