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Elevated LDH

Hello to all. I've been reading posts on the site for months and have found it so helpful. I was diagnosed with CLL two years ago and went through 6 cycles of BR. Now in remission, but my last blood test show an elevated LDH (328). My hemotologist has me coming back to retest in four months rather than six as she said it can be a sign of the cancer becoming more aggressive. Has anyone experienced elevated LDH and what was the outcome? I'm worried.

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Don't forget that it is ALWAYS the trend up or down that the haematologists are looking for..

A single result could be a laboratory error, a sampling error, or a minor disturbance in blood chemistry due to a particular food you might have eaten.

Yes LDH is a common test, but a single result really proves very little.

FORGET CLL, enjoy the holidays and lets see what happens in the New Year.??


PS IF, just IF, you have a progression, then because of the previous treatment you are now eligible for the very latest drug of Ibrutinib or Idealisib which are now proven therapies for CLL and just a simple pill to take each day...



Thank you Dick. It is comforting to talk to people who are living this...and hopefully living well. Bless you.

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Hi Margella,

Without going into too much detail, mine was up in the 700s when I started on Ibrutinib on the RESONATE-2 study (now on the extension study).

As Dick says, don't worry about it, enjoy the holiday and see how it is after.

Best Wishes



Thanks Mike. Will do!


Is it LDL or LDH? quite different...

Do you know which LDH it is? There are 5 subtypes that can direct further investigation.

High LDH by itself is not too much of a concern, but a rapid rise to levels in the 500-600 might be.

But you are barely out of range

Normal LDH levels range from 140 units per liter (U/L) to 280 U/L or 2.34 mkat/L to 4.68 mkat/L.

I would get it checked again in 2 months... just to see if it was an anomaly...



Thanks Chris. Yes, LDH. Mine went from 141 to 328 in 6 months. That is why the concern. I'm hoping that it was caused by something other than the CLL. I appreciate the response.


Margella ... my LDH was over 1,000 when I began treatment in Jan 2014. It's been in the 400-500 range now since April 2014 when I was switched from Rituxan & Revlimid to Rituxan & Ibrutinib. I am doing very well now ... 3 pills/day & check up every 3 months & cat scan at 6 months (next in January). Praying for you Margella that the LDH has leveled out or was just a blip & all is well ... Lynn

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Thank you Lynn. It is very helpful to know I'm not alone with this. Happy Holidays.

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