FCR commences

Home from my first day of FCR. Not as bad as I anticipated and I had no reaction to the "R" aspect - (hoping this isn't a bad sign that it won't work for me!)

Feeling woozy but otherwise grand. Glad to have commenced and looking forward to a good night;s sleep - fingers crossed!

Buried in a fantastic book all day so the long hours on the IV flew by. To fellow readers on this forum, If you haven't read the writer Elena Ferrante, do so now.

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  • That's really good to hear Kate! Hoping the process will continue as smoothly....and I must check out the author you recommend.

    Sleep well.


  • Just reading a critic's comment about Ferrante's writing and she says;

    'Ferrante’s writing seems to say something that hasn’t been said before – it isn’t easy to specify what this is – in a way so compelling its readers forget where they are, abandon friends and disdain sleep'.

    Praise indeed but maybe it should also say, 'and even help you forget you're receiving chemo!' :-)

    Regards and take care,


  • For sure! The perfect chemo book if you like literary, compelling fiction. I'm into the fourth and last instalment of her Neapolitan series and don't fear sleeplessness as much as I can look forward to reading on!

    Let me know what you think New Dawn - the first book is My brilliant friend.

  • Pleased you had no reaction to the R. Take care and look after yourself well.

    Night, night.


  • Glad it went well for you. I had no reaction from the R and it worked great so fingers crossed it does as well for you.

    When I was having mine I was reading Micheal Connelly's Blood Work! Maybe not the most appropriate title but it did make the nurses in the Haematology day unit laugh.

  • Great to hear someone else had no reaction - but a good outcome!

    Great book title for chemo for sure.

  • Thanks KateEvaLen, for sharing your good experience on your first FCR cycle - I hope that the rest follow much the same. You've given those of us with FCR in our future hope that we too can get through it relatively easily.

    I don't think your new found author would appeal to me, but I agree with Davidje that "Blood Work" is particularly apt for when you are having treatment and are having transfusions - even more so if you are having a transplant. Michael Connelly, perhaps because of his journalism career, is careful to get the scientific basis of his stories fairly accurate and the way "Blood Work's" plot involves cytomegalovirus (CMV) negative blood type intrigued me, given my bad experience with that particularly nasty virus if you have CLL.

    As usual, Michael Connelly's book was far better than the film.


  • No surprise there! Only one film I can think of that is better than the book - Brooklyn - recently released.

    By the way it's nearly 3am here and I cannot sleep! Must be the steroids. Small price to pay though.

  • Well done getting stuck in! Hope it continues to go ok for you. Going off to look up that author now, thanks!

    Do keep us posted on the rest of your progress when you feel ready to. Will be thinking of you and sending virtual hugs

    Firefly x

  • Great to hear from you. Thanks for updating us, nice to be on your way. Wishing you the very best. Peggy.

  • KateEvaLen

    Glad to hear that the first round of FCR went well. Mine went without a hitch too it was because of a relapse after two years of remission from FC. I found that taking my kindle fire hd to be godsend I have never read paperback book since but my reading of books on this has increased tenfold. Since my 6 rounds of FCR I have had ivig every three weeks for the past four years and my kindle goes with me every time. The infusion takes up to five hours depending on how quick the kiovig gets to the ward and I have a hundred mile round trip so the reading really relaxes me for the trip home.

    Hope it all goes as well for you as it was for me.

    All the best


  • Thanks Willie for the good wishes and glad you are doing well - long May it last. Good for you re Kindle usage! I tried, but just love the physical printed book too much to give it up.

    I'll be posting a book for each cycle of chemo and I intend that all will be good recommendations.

  • Good to hear you had no negative reaction to the Retuximab (same here). To best of my knowledge I think no negative reaction is best place to be.


  • Hi KateEvaLen,

    Great to hear that everything went well. I too began my treatment this week, but a slightly different one because of the MCL/CLL composition of my disease. I started on CHOP and like you have had no adverse reactions. I did not have Rituximab on the first treatment, but will keep you posted on my second, which is December 18th. I started reading a series of books as well, so have loads to do during those long infusions.

    All the Best


  • Hope it goes well and do keep posting!

  • So, you've now started on CHOP, Steve... Good to know you're doing OK so far.

    Wishing you well,


  • Yes Paula,

    I'm one week in. I have to inject myself with growth stimulant tomorrow! Oh the joys!

    You okay?



  • Hope you manage OK with the injection tomorrow, Steve. First time's probably the worst, psychologically... :-( If you have to do it regularly, you'll probably get used to it (hopefully)....

    I'm OK but been feeling surprisingly tired the last couple of days. Realised I had a slight fever tonight (37.5). Not that high, I know, but makes me feel poorly, and very cold. :-( I've taken Paracetamol, and hope I'll feel better tomorrow.

    Best wishes,


  • What a great result I hope it all goes well too..


  • Kate, what good news!!! I am still WWW so I like to be prepared. Need to find a good book to read and hide it away for now hoping I never have to read it! So happy for you. Maria

  • Hope you are one of the lucky few who get to stay in W and W permanently!

  • Good to hear from you, KateEvaLen. I hope your FCR continues to go as smoothly as your first day did... You're right - sometimes the anticipation is worse than the actual event...

    Yes, having a good book to take our minds off things, is always a good idea.. :-)

    I hope you sleep better tonight,

    wishing you well,


  • Kate,

    Thanks for posting such a positive experience of your first round of FCR. I suspect I won't be that long behind you, and I'm definitely at the scared witless stage. Very reassuring to know that it can be quite manageable.

    Good luck for round 2.


  • On day 3 today and the nausea is manageable but not pleasant. The anti nausea drugs work thank god. Still very do-able but feeling very tired today. Guess it's also a reaction to the build up of starting treatment.

    I'm so glad sharing the experience is helpful to others. Thank you for posting. It is very much appreciated.

  • Good for you.. Best of luck. It is the best available to those able to tolerate it. GO FOR IT.

  • So glad to hear. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  • Keep strong

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