Lower back pain right side under my ribs

Only when I lay to sleep I wake with a sharp pain under my ribs right side .Its like someone is sticking a knife in me when I breath in it hurts I can't get comfortable no matter what way I lay it's beginning to worry me I was diagnosed over a year ago with cll my wbc goes between 60 and 90,000 so it's holding steady my doc says I'm stage 0 no treatment yet but these pains are affecting my sleep and the weird thing is when I get up and move around its gone within ten min like it was never there it's only when I lay down and try to sleep is this familiar to anyone else?

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  • Hi denali,

    My first thought would be gall bladder pain but presumably you've had checks done to eliminate the usual suspects? You don't say whether you've explored the reason with your doctor or whether you've had CT scans etc. to eliminate the involvement of enlarged nodes.

    It could be so many reasons and was gall bladder in my case but that was pre CLL days. I've heard of people suffering this pain with IBS, acid reflux and even a reaction to statins but without diagnostic testing, you'll not know for certain.

    I'd be asking your doctor for further advice and tests especially if it's disturbing your sleep. He may organise an ultra sound. I had one recently for pain under my left ribs which was spleen related. The fact that it eases when you stand suggests a positional cause which may be something swollen impacting but that's only based on my own experience of the pain in my left side easing when I stand. Worth getting checked out.

    Good luck, hope you get it sorted.


  • Thanks for the response yes I had ct scan 5 months ago all clear enlarged nodes is what I was worrying about from what I've read over the last year it really hurts when I lay to sleep in the day when I'm up and moving all around I feel great just a little discomfort 100% better than the pain when I am trying to sleep when I get up and move around within 10 min it's all but gone I'm confused a call has been made to my oncologist.

  • Sounds like the right response denali in order to discover the cause.

    Best wishes,


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