Congratulations to Chris on reaching 1,000 posts (and many many replies)!

Congratulations to Chris on reaching 1,000 posts (and many many replies)!

In the not quite 3 years of this community's existence, barely a day goes by without Chris (Cllcanada) bringing us the latest developments in CLL, interspersed with lots of helpful information via replies to our posts/questions to help us live better with CLL, no matter what stage we are at. Chris also has the dubious 'benefit' of having experienced much of what CLL can throw at us; many years of W&W with terrible fatigue, eventual treatment, then barely time for a breather before Richter's Transformation and urgent treatment for that, not to mention shingles and the unpleasant side effects (some lingering) from 'test driving' all of that, which he has briefly summarised in his profile:

Somehow, with all of that going on, Chris manages to get out and share his joy of life through his fantastic photography. I don't think Chris's neighbourhood florist appreciates how well advertised his business is! I may not understand many of the papers Chris brings to our attention, but I'm sure I'm far from alone in opening his posts, just to see what new flower or scene he has captured and shared with us all...

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that Chris runs the CLLcanada website, a Facebook group "Bad to the Bone" and equally shares his hard won knowledge of CLL on a number of sister CLL forums.

So many thanks Chris for your daily supply of wisdom and Hope! and may your next two decades with CLL be just a bit less adventurous.


Photo: Yesterday's heavy fog left these crystal ball droplets on flowering veldt grass. I thought that this photograph was rather appropriate to acknowledge the help of someone that has done more than anyone else in the international CLL community to help us see through the fog of a CLL diagnosis. Thanks Chris!

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  • I'll second that Neil. Warmest congratulations and thanks to our 'resident expert' on his 1000th post.

    We all benefit and learn immensely from your knowledge Chris and appreciate that personal suffering has driven you.

    (I'll never attain high numbers of posts despite being a regular contributor for 3 years. Apparently I have 31 posts despite posting hundreds!)

    Keep well Chris, we've all come to rely on your knowledge, friendship, photography and sophisticated wit! :-)


  • Chris's posts were under-reported a while back by HU too Newdawn, but I think they have the number about right now. While HU may eventually correctly report how many posts you've made, we know the true worth of your support, which lies is in your many empathetic replies to those of us anxious, confused and hurting.


  • Thank you Neil, I appreciate that.


  • Hear Hear! Agreed! I most definitely don't understand some of the posts (yet!) but read each one and am grateful that we have people like Chris (and yourself Neil) to keep us up to date with new developments in the CLL world! Peggy.

  • I agree with everyone, that I don't understand some of the posts but am grateful to Chris for posting them.

    Thank You

    Elle 😊

  • I agree with everything that has been said .Chris,s input to this community is amazing .I read his posts and enjoy the photos he posts everyday .

    Well done on 1,000 posts .As Peggy has said I too don't understand them all but look forward to learning more as time goes by .


  • I don't know where I'd be without Chris and his tireless work supporting other CLLers. THANK YOU Chris! And his photos definitely brighten up my day and encourage me to get out into my garden more. :-)

  • From one who has yet to post her journey I too appreciate all of Chris's and Neil's posts though some definitely leave me in a fog! Thanks for all the wonderful advice which helps us through our journeys. Photos are wonderful to.


  • Well done Chris. I also read and digest all the posts. Appreciate all the effort.

    Best wishes


  • I agree with all that has been said, and would like to include in my thanks those who continue to support us (Neil, Newdawn and all the others) no matter what our worries. I wish there was a better phrase than a simple 'thank you', although it is said with deep gratitude.

    Chris UK

  • Yes completely agree with that!, Many thanks Chris for the quality of all your posts and informative and accurate replies.

  • I now expect to be reading a Chris post each and every day. Thank you! So very much appreciated and good of Neil to mark Chris' contribution.

  • Here here Chris, yes thank you for your devotion to support us all and thanks for sticking with us from the very first days of this forum and through the many challenges we have experienced over the years as HU have experimented with and developed the platform.

    It seems like only yesterday when you and a core group off volunteers agreed to start the ball rolling. I remember how thrilled i was when you agreed to join us all in this. We are privileged to have your support as you seem to work tirelessly to ensure current information is accessible to all. ( I don't know how you do it especially when you manage to report on local UK news and developments often before we do :-) )

    I recall this week noticing that the community reached a milestone of 4000 posts, without the contributions from everyone, for sharing your experiences, your questions and your responses, this community would not be as rich and diverse as it is. Thank you to all who join us here and read and learn, it is also the silent majority that helps to fuel the success of the group. Reliable, current information and support assists us all to be better able to self advocate and be more confident to become involved in discussion about our healthcare with our clinicians.

    Thank you to everyone for your contribution in making this forum the success that it has become.


  • Congratulations Chris. I agree wholeheartedly with everything that has already been said. You have a made a difference in all of our lives. There is no greater gift than giving someone hope and you have clearly given that to all of us.


  • We will be searching for ever to find enough accolades for you Chris. While some of the posts go soaring above my head, I read and value them all.

    Thanks to your contributions, and of course the supporting folk who help make this site the well of information and support it is, I long ago gave up surfing the web for answers knowing that I can rely on this site to bring me the latest information.

    Long may you all be well and prosper. Sincerely hope your shingles has been beaten back.

    Thank you Chris, and best wishes always


  • Here, here.

    Regards and thanks,


  • I'd like to echo everything - yes everything, that people have said above.

    Chris, you have made a big difference to my life, and to many others. I wouldn't have got the best combination of Pneumonia vaccs if it hadn't been for you. I wouldn't have understood monoclonal antibodies. I wouldn't be so aware of the danger and seriousness of shingles. Or the signs of Richters. I wouldn't have seen so much beauty in the tiny details of flowers. I wouldn't have come to love certain bits of music that you gave links to. And I wouldn't have drunk that extra mug of water yesterday :-)

    I could go on... But your influence is much more than what can be measured in any specific ways. Words fail me at such times...

    Thank you Chris.



    P.S. Neil, your photo of the crystal ball droplets is amazing and very appropriate!

  • Thank you everyone...most embarrasing...!

    I'm a bit BEHIND today...yesterday, I watching my colonoscopy in

    real time on HDTV...

    Gives new meaning to SPELUNKING... or perhaps maybe not...

    Oh, Chris stop it... you are just being an Ass... 😜


  • Chris,

    Your tremendous contribution to our CLL community cannot be understated. We have all learned so much from you. I know I speak on behalf of many others in thanking you for all you've done to educate us and help us better understand our disease. Your uplifting sense of humor and approach is also most refreshing! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all you do for all of us each and every day!

    Wishing you all the best and many years with a less adventurous CLL journey!

    With gratitude,


  • Chris should be declared a national treasure in Canada! And in the whole CLL world.

  • Hi I would like to thank not just Chris for all his input but everyone who helps to make this website the wonderful fountain of information that it is. Many thanks Chris.

  • Chris is my inspiration !! ... You were straight on my case with details of a trial for Richter's Syndrome which I was grateful of, and if you can kick Richter's butt for so long then so can I ...

    I look forward to your posts, as you have your finger on the pulse on new trials and what's happening in our world of CLL....

    Long may you continue !!! And I look forward to reading your next 1000 posts ....

    Keeping trucking Chris

    Love Jan X

  • Thanks Jan... you will... believe me... you got big boots ... ;-)

    Love the Blackpool photo...!


  • I think everything has been said Chris, but I would still like to show my appreciation for all the excellent work you do. Sincere and heartfelt thanks from me and wishing you a healthier future.

    Kevin – Essex, UK

  • Many thanks Kevin... we need more CLL advocate clones... monoclonal is fine... 😆

    Great strides are being made in patient knowledge... and knowledge is impowering


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