Im an vietnam veteran diagnosed with CLL 2013

One may see me as new to CLL forum but i keep a close watch on posts. I feel for the ones that have taken the step from w&w into the actions of treatment, and i see so many who have been given remissions . My diagnosis was late in coming as I was given treatment for anmea for 10 years prior the true diagnosis was given. I believe I have had cll for at least 15 years before W&W was taken. Im greatfull that one of my sons having a PHD in genetics studied Cll in a cancer research at a clinical laboratories, he comes to my appointments and i let the blood work up to him. I have not taken the CLL to hard as I also have ankylosing spondylitis and the pain treatment form that keeps my mind fixed.

After 15 years not knowing about it is in a way a lift after being seen as just sick for so long. I will keep a close watch on the journey each of the post take knowing I will be on the same road one day

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  • Hi brad8,

    Just wanted to say welcome and wish you the best. Sorry I to hear that your dealing with a couple different health problems. Good to hear that you've got a very educated son to help you sort through things. That's a real asset!

  • Have you applied for VA disability yet? If you were in Vietnam, CLL is a presumptive condition that automatically qualifies you for VA disability benefits.

  • Yes kady1270 Im on tpi pension from vietnam origonaly from PTSD so I do have a few issues

  • Hi Brad8

    good to have you join us, though sorry you had to have this additional problem with all you have been through. At least you will always have a sympathetic and helpful ear from those of us sharing this cll journey.

    Best wishes


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