Introducing Chris Dwyer (Patient Power Video)

Introducing Chris Dwyer (Patient Power Video)

Not that Chris/CLLCanada needs any introduction to anyone that has visited our community more than once, but here's Andrew Schorr interviewing Chris at the Third International CLL Patient Advocacy Group (CLLPAG) conference at Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada in April 2012.

When Christopher Dwyer needed treatment for CLL, he moved across Canada, from Toronto to Vancouver, to receive drugs that weren't available in his home province. Now, Christopher is involved with CLL Canada and runs the Facebook Group "Bad to the Bone" where patients connect online to share their stories and research. Through his work, Christopher encourages patients to advocate for themselves, stressing that this advocacy will become more and more important as treatment options become more specific to individual subtypes of cancer."

Chris had just finished his fifth cycle of FR and flown across the continent then had very little sleep before this interview, but you can feel the buzz gained from attending such a well organised conference. I've heard from a few who attended this conference and the comments have been unanimous that it was just tremendous to meet fellow CLLers from around the world that were previously only known through forum posts.


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  • When's the next one Chris?

  • Next Conference Nick... End of April, 2015... we have just begun the early planning...

  • It's now in the diary :-)

  • Hi It's great to hear about others around the world who agree with speaking out rather than turning their backs. Its coming together through media like the internet that you aquire knowledge that may make a big difference in treatment and outcome.

  • Always good to be able to put a face to a name. Looks like a very amiable guy :)

  • When I first got diagnosed Chris was a rock for me, he explained things via PM that were not explained by my then Consultant very well. He is on the side on the angels, nice to see him on a Patient power video and wish you well chris

  • BTW Chris, I got a 'page not available' on facebook!! ):

  • I recently made the group on FB, secret, to afford members the best identity protection that FB offers, but you can get to the group by this link, then request to join.

    Bad to the Bone

    There is a second CLL group as well, CLL Support...

  • Is End of April 2015 something that we can start broadcasting. Chris. I was at the last conference, where, among other things, I got to meet Chris and Andrew in person, shared a room with Chonette Taylor, and connected personally with 40 people who I had come to know on line, some for as many as 8 years, in addition to meeting new patients, caregivers, and medical professionals. It was an extraordinary experience, and as soon as I get the official go ahead from Chris I will be telling everyone I know in the CLL world to start saving their pennies for the next one. Prince should be stable (I hope) by then!


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