Anisina works with standard chemo to kill cancer cells 20 times faster

Anisina works with standard chemo to kill cancer cells 20 times faster

"Novogen today has announced that one of its oncology pipeline drug candidates, Anisina (ATM-3507), has achieved a major milestone in its development, confirming the concept that comprehensive destruction of a cancer cell’s cytoskeleton can deliver a powerful anti-cancer effect.


Anisina was developed specifically to destroy the microfilaments and to work in combination with the anti-mitotic drugs to deliver comprehensive destruction of the cancer.


It has been announced previously that anti-tropomyosin drugs in combination with anti-mitotic drugs boost the cancer-killing ability of a drug such as vincristine 20-fold in vitro against neuroblastoma cancer cells. The next crucial step was to confirm that this powerful combined anti-cancer

effect was transferable to animals. The study reported today confirms this.


Anti-mitotic drugs are drugs that block cell division (mitosis). This a shorthand term to describe a family of drugs that embraces mainly the taxanes (paclitaxel, docetaxel, Abraxane) and vinca alkaloids (vincristine, vinblastine, Vineralbine) and which work by blocking the ability of cells to divide (mitosis). These remain among the most widely prescribed anti-cancer drugs after 35 years of use. Anti-mitotic drugs are standard of care for breast, prostate, lung, ovarian, colo-rectal, gastric and head and neck cancer, and many forms of leukaemia"

Novogen release (PDF)

In the Australian national TV news, it was stated that "Human trials begin next year, but there'll be a 3-year wait before Anisina is on the market."

While Anisina's effectiveness may not extend to CLL, it is still good news that this drug should improve the response to chemotherapy of many secondary cancers to which we are prone, including possibly DBLC and Richter's Transformation.


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