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I was diagnosed with CLL last November after blood tests showed a white count reading of 25. I have been put on watch and wait and go back on 21st April. I have just had a cholesterol test which is high but my white count is down to 14 and the other readings were normal. Can I take this as good news or will I have to wait until April when I actually go to the hospital to have their readings from my next blood test before I am any wiser.

Sorry if all this is a bit vague but I am a bit lost with all the other readings on here.

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This explanatory chart might help you Essexman. It's certainly good that your WBC dropped so significantly and may have been indicative of infection when you were first tested but the white blood count can fluctuate. More meaningful is your ALC (absolute lymphocyte count) which will be carefully monitored over time for trends.

Good to see that your other counts are normal and I'm sure you're working on your cholesterol levels.

If your next consult is an annual one, it certainly looks like the medics are happy with the overall picture which is positive for you. Hope you keep well and the counts stay low!


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Welcome essexman. Im an essex girl. Which hospital are you under? I was diagnosed last august so it may be nice to compare notes occasionally. I understand the white count fluctuates depending on exposure to viruses etc. This site recommends comparing the absolute lymphocytes. Do you have those figures?

Nice to meet you. I was a screaming wreck when I joined but this group has kept me sane..well almost ;)

I don't read everything as its all a bit too much and some won't apply until I need treatment as it may change by then. The support though is fantastic. You've made a wise move joining us.

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Hi Cacherjac, I am under Broomfield hospital( Dr Chowdbury). Apart from the high white count I don't have any obvious symptoms relating to CLL at the moment. The high white count is the only thing that I have to go on because since being diagnosed I have adopted the the attitude of trying not to worry about it until it gets worse and I am hoping I might be in the 30% that never need treatment. I am on 6 months watch and wait and go back in April.


Im under basildon hospital, no real issues cll wise but a few problems I need to ask about. My appointments are 3 monthly at the moment, next one 10/03. Im getting a little nervous already.

My wbc was 14.6 last time so similar to yours and I too am hoping I will be in the 30% although when you see how well people are doing the prospect of treatment is not quite so scary. By the time we may need it, treatments will probably be completely different as things are moving so fast. I try to ignore it but it creeps into my head every day, I still haven't really settled yet.

Take care, hope all is well in April

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That line resonated with me: "I still haven't settled yet." You will, it just takes time.

Best Wishes,


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