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New HU Site Features released - Notifications and Top Monthly post

New HU Site Features released - Notifications and Top Monthly post

HU have just informed me of two new features just released:

1) In platform notifications

2) Top post last month on community homepage

For (1), you'll notice that there's now a bell symbol in the green menu between 'My Communities' and 'Help' . (See Mike's reply below for where this appears on Apple smartphones/tablets). A red number will appear to the right of the bell symbol, telling you the number of replies you've received to your posts/questions or replies. Clicking on the bell symbol will provide you with a pop up showing recent replies to you, from which you can slide down and select the reply you want to read. Alternatively, you can select the option that will take you to a page that shows all the replies that you've received.

Going to our community homepage: will now display recent posts as before, but with the addition of the most popular post for the last month in the top position. Congratulations to Nikkinooch for almost melting down the HU servers with her near prophetic post "Help!!! Meltdown in process", which has had 66 replies to date.

HU's blog on the new features:

Finally for our long suffering Apple device users, HU have said "...starting next week, all issues related to Apple devices that we can reproduce will be prioritised".


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On the IPad everything is as you say. On the Iphone there are three horizontal bars on the top on that symbol and it opens a menu from the side where the bell is displayed.



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