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Good morning from the UK and good evening from Australia.

Welcome to your new on-line community website

Good morning from the UK and good evening from Australia.

Welcome to your new on-line CLL Support community location. It is pleasing that today navigation seems a little easier and the site seem to be quicker for me this morning in the UK (it is still a little unpredictable or slow at times). I can only assume that HU developers have been able to iron out some of the major issues that occurred at launch. There are still many others that require attention as they are identified.

At this moment we will not comment too much, as we are expecting an email from HU to be sent to all members today that explain the new facilities and procedures to help with getting it fully functional as quickly as possible.

You will have noticed the new support facility within the top bar that gives you some information and direction on how to use the new features. We hope this is helpful. We will also be posting a conversation news thread to enable you to post updates and feedback allowing members to aid you with navigation and us to collate feedback to focus HU on issues we are finding. Please sign in and just add to it to let us know your part of the globe or country is connected.

Admin will continue to aid browsing by sorting material posted befor the launch into categories, (we sure have been an active group). You will notice when you post or ask a question that you will be asked to select a category.These will be adjusted and added to with time by admin as the site evolves. If you cannot decide on which category is appropriate use, General discussion or No category for the time being when you post.

On the browsing and searching topic; it seems the self-tagging system needs some tweaking by the developers, as it identifies single words from passages of text that are often too generic to be useful. Like Leukaemia or Lymphoma or common terms! Two or three words give much more accurate content tagging. We will try experimenting with how words and terms are used within early posts to see how this may help the robot.

It has been reassuring to see that there has been community discussion during the website upgrade . Well done for posting! I hope access is a little easier for you today and we can continue to stay in touch offering each other support while we develop the site together. Please experiment with a few posts and start a few threads so that we can familiarise ourselves with the product and identify issues.

Many thanks,

Neil and Nick


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This is the only place I can find to post any feedback about the ongoing upgrade, as the links from the HomePage don't work for me and I don't know where the post is now, asking for feedback. It's very hard to find anything and I am constantly having to log in again and again. Which category is that post in, asking for feedback and information about smart phones and tablets?

My Picture Profile appears to me as a black square (I am on an iPad) and yet when I access the community from my NetBook, the profile picture is there but with colours changed........I don't know what anyone else here can see! The only browser that would work for me on the NetBook was Firefox.

I know that Newdawn has not been able to log in and the site won't let her rejoin.

I am writing this also, to see if I can post again.

Trying to be patient........

sparkler x


S L O W,

Lots of 404 page not found errors,

Need to login every time site is accessed

News posts are all open to the public?




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